The figure of the father in literacy

In Mexico celebrates the day of the Father of the youngest. This is a feminine extracurricular that in a pair of mascots like the nuns, the figurine that sometimes releases the mother from the mother. My dad says that this is a deva deva, that if he celebrates like the first consolation despair that the 10 May may literally paralyze his feet.

Tomando en cuenta que la figura paterna no suele tener la misma importancia que la madre en los hogares mexicanos, he querido hacer un homenaje a la figura paterna haciendo un recordo por alunas obras literarias cuya historia gira pa alrededor de la madre.

In literacy, as in life, the popes have an enormous influence on their lives. The olvido que seremos, from Hector Abad Faciolince, is one of the most famous hermits from the day of his visit to the figure of his father. A story that he is a homemaker, an activist, a master, a doctor and a politician, because the principal was a progenitor of the love story: Much love of the fathers “.

One of my favorite libraries, A caballero en Moscú, Amor Towles, narrates the domiciliary arrest of condo Rostov at the Metropol hotel in the Russian Revolution, and the existence of a cobra with a special feeling when he converts to the adoption of Sofía. It is based on the personification of the person’s life, which includes the adolescent’s adolescence of a father, which will allow him to perceive the three passages of his sons, not one of them, but the rest of the elegant, more. Because you can find demasiad lejos in the casino case. This is exactly the mediation of the distances that the papas have given to them with respect to their deeds in them.

Ser feliz era esto, the Argentine secretary Eduardo Sacheri, is a newcomer to the challenge of paternalism. Sofa, trying to find her mother, decides to find a father who is not aware of her existence. The adolescent sorcerer to Lucas to play with his puerta, and among them we encounter the two words that must be learned to convince in his semantics and differences, supporting his cares in a caricature that pocominates irá.

N The heart of Helado, Almudena Grandes, Álvaro deberá enfrentarse a la imagen distortionada de un padre que hasta ante de su muerte, había considerabo perfecto; Include the thought that Ninguno de sus hijos llegaría a ser tan grande como lo fue él. Prohibition of Sin, Yuna Venganza Saka a la los la verdad de un hombre ambisiuso y sin escropolus kevus valoris dejan mucho related. Ahora the protagonist and her men will tell you if you want to remember how the hombre that they discovered was there, or how the great father who knew them.

In the ancient book of Mexican Lavín, The last days of my fathers, habla de la enorme pena que pada la pérdida de los padres. “Orphaned is the gift of a papal virtuoso. Or nine Egerzo de Heja. He gave an official, he gave a lugar. El único donde se me amaba conociéndome” su muerte le ha dejado un enorme vacío.

In the latest novel by Alma Delia Murillo, The cabeza de mi padre, habla del abandono de éste y de la enorme falta que su presencia ha tenido en su vida. The book relating to the messenger that empires to seek his father and completes his relationship as the relation of his prophetic existence.

These books, son, have some of the most important manifestations that a father has in his life. We would like to see the figure of the papas that gave him a humble image in his life.

Feelings to all papas.