The first precautionary measures for the monetary policy – Financiero

This is similar to the mercados present at the new COVID temours, alienated by a new variant of sudafricana, we believe that the data of the emperors not agrarian for the month of November in the United States will be observed in Viennese.

The story of COVID-19 and the data from the European data on the political responses, which are supposed to be based on two scores of BCE bonuses in just three seasons. The martial arts published the eurozone for the month of November, the result of October was 4.1 per cent and much less that it was maintained by the 2nd object of the BCE perception of the future. The data from the IPC of Germany, Spain and France are published by Lunes and Martes.

The medium that auntsa inflación, los halcones del BCE advierten contra mantner la politica monetaria demasiado laxa durante demasiado time. I think, a new goblin alemán podría aumentar el salario mínimo en alredor de un 25 por ciento.

But the protection of COVID fortified the BCE conservators in Europe against a new aumento, and the news of a new variant of the virus that spreads from Sudafrica without alarm.

With the gradual reduction of the Federal Reserve in March, a series of informations from the November New York Times were able to bring the case to the attention of those who argued that its purchase of bonuses for 120,000 million dollars at most delays. If the Fed project is complete with the mediation of 2022, the economic crisis and the inflection that will occur in the future of the flexible deal 2 for the sake of recuperation.

The expectation is that there are many implications for the data that the beneficiaries have to complete in the new year since 1969. The pronouns that the employers have accumulated 563 reactive activation potentials. Tram more for the dollar.

The OPEP group of products offered 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) since the beginning of the month. From the 1st and 2nd of December, we will just look at the decision of the United States to liberate 50 million barrels of petroleum products from strategic reservations.

The products produced by OPEP + will reach 3.8 million bpd in the final results, due to the fact that the world consumes 4. The facts show that there is no discussion about how the respondent to the state of the United States detonates the products of production. But the group advocated that the mediator might cause an exorcism of petrification.

The new creation of the hypotheses is resonating with the hopes that the faithful chino could take a point, there are indications that there is a tendency for flexibility of politics. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

The indexes of the various compartments of Martes will show if the mare is actually changing. De la misma manera, el mercado estará atento a la ciudad portuaria china de Dalian, donde COVID está en aumento.

Turcaqua acaba de ofrecer (otro) recordatorio de una politica monetaria prudente sí importa, mús aún en los mercados emergentes en épocas de alta inflación. President Tayyip Erdogan has duplicated his opinion that the two digits of inflation can control the interstices. The lira responds with a 15-fold sense of the martes that the dejaóa aguas inexploradas. The monkeys have been recapitulated partially, but the central bank may realize that there is a recurrence of tiptoes in its reunion of 16 December.

The precautionary measures against political monarchy have been agitating in Mexico. The dollar is fortified, an inflation in augmentation and a Fed in a moder taper delays the centers of the mercados of the emergent muy poco margin de error.

Indicadorus macroeconomics important

The martes, we consider the PMI fabrication of NBS of China continental, 53 is the console, expecting an impression of 52.4 in the inner lecture. The index of the Consumer Consumer (IPC) of the Eurozone for November will have to be +3.7 because of the interaction. The precise index of living case / shiller of the United States spends a result of + 20 because it interacts septimer.

The mi ،rcoles, the PMI manufacturero market of the Eurozone will be 58.6 in November, leaving a 58.6 in October. The additions of ADP in the United States to November will have to deal with + 525K sliders, leaving an impression of + 571K in October.

The jubilee, the hour of the hogs of the eurozone due to be 7.3 per cent in October, will see an impression of 7.4 per cent in September.

On the other hand, we received data from the United States of America for the month of November. + 531K was the first impression of October. The prognosis for hora dera deberían estar aumentando + 5.0 por ciento interanual. As a result of the hogares of the United States, it will be 4.5 per cent in November, leaving an impression of 4.6 per cent in October.

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