The Fury Wilder III eventually ends up taking the high road with the donut; but it makes everything less fun.

Sportsmanship is good, but it's not as much fun as beef.۔

Sportsmanship is good, but it’s not as much fun as beef.
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It took him about a week, but Donte Wilder finally did it: he congratulated WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on defending the title in the third fight against each other. Wilder posted a statement on Instagram, laden with athletic clutches, about overcoming adversity, but in the last sentence he tagged Fury in the post, congratulating him and thanking him for “great historical memories.”

They certainly provided historical memories. A real heavyweight trio with two fighters for the first time since Evander Hollyfield. And Reddick Bow in the early 1990s. Anger and Wilder had it all. Anger was rising after the first fight caught the end of Wilder’s legendary right-handed business. In the second fight, during the Ring Walk, Matt Gala wore costumes, where Wilder looked alike. Power Rangers The villain and the fury had to get out of the way and be shot down like a helicopter. Get in Boomerang.

Then there was the Slag Fest of the Third Battle. The two gigantic men clashed in such a way that if the onlookers hesitated, they would almost swear that this was the third Ali-Fraser battle. Then, in the 11th round, Wilder’s body was thrown into the towel instead of his corner, as he fell on the canvas after the fusion set. In the perfect sports movie, two NBA power forward-sized men would wrap their long arms around each other and hug each other tightly, boasting to each other that a show that will always be remembered.

Subsequent battles did not go that way.

Wilder can be seen rushing out of the ring after regaining control of his body, and Fury said in an interview after his fight that he had gone to greet Wilder on the corner, but Wilder did not accept. Now there is a video of anger in Wilder’s corner and when the anger says “respect”, Wilder with a swollen face replies, “I don’t respect you.”

Sports in general should be encouraged. In team sports, it’s nice to see everyone shaking hands after the playoff game or series is over. It was a good moment at UFC 263 when Brendan Moreno became the first Mexican-born champion and when he had clearly overcome the losing spirit of the match, Davison Figueroa, Physically picked up Moreno on his shoulders.

However, in combat sports, I can do without sports. I have already suspended many of my sensibilities since turning on the fight. This is not a street fight where 30-40 people gather to see a person trapped for 35 seconds. A professional fight between two people in front of a crowd for half an hour in a Roman Colosseum is full of cheerful dignitaries, and the whole ceremony is televised.

So did I enjoy leaving Khabib Nurmagomedov a few seconds tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall. I enjoyed Fraser’s hatred of Ali decades after his Trinity. I even enjoyed pressing George “Canon” Massoudel on a piece of pizza, talking in the trash at a press conference, knocking Ben off the screen in record time, and making fun of him in the cage.

War games are wild, so when the professions want to be wild with each other, let them go. If I’m paying $ 79.99 to watch, have fun.

In the real world, of course, Wilder should have greeted the fury, but it’s a world of fighting, and if I’m being completely honest, with this heavyweight trilogy, “I don’t respect you.”


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