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The world is moving towards energy reserves. It would be appropriate for Mexico to consider entering this path, given the constitutional reform of electricity that is being debated in Congress. It is advisable to pause to learn about the trends of this promising business.

In this year’s edition, which Mackenzie of Wood has developed on energy reserves, this is the first time he has dedicated a chapter to Latin America, revealing that Chile still leads the initial market. Is.

Mexico is behind with a large-scale project: a 100-megawatt storage plant that IEnova will build in Mexico, but it will be connected to the CAISO, California electrical system, not to the Mexican system.

In Colombia, for example, energy storage regulations were published in 2019, and today they are working on about 50 MW of various projects.

But in terms of rules, Mexico is in its infancy. Energy reserves are hardly mentioned in all regulations, and are within the reach of the Sinec Electric market, explained Paula Jara, an analyst on wood Mackenzie.

The expert warned that there is still a lack of a regulatory framework that determines the price of energy, who will be able to do it, and under what conditions and characteristics it will be able to connect to the power plant, etc.

Faced with electricity reforms by the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the expert assures that this will be a good opportunity to lay the legal groundwork for allowing the construction of an energy storage market in Mexico.

The economic potential is interesting.

According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, the market in the United States alone will be 8. 8.9 billion over the next five years. This year’s progress will be brutal. It is estimated that it goes from ، 1.674 million, which was reported in 2020, it will close at 21 5,477 million in 2021.

Jara acknowledges that government support is needed, as in China, where he has set up special investment funds for this purpose.

Strictly against Ho Chi Minh.

The suspension of five oil import permits imposed on Trafigura last September was not free. Investigate the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), National Intelligence Center, in collaboration with Ampoulosura de Productus Sustainables, a glam energy firm (whose license to sell jet fuel to Interjet was also revoked in July). (CNI) and tax administration. Service for Alleged Fuel Theft and Smuggling (SAT).

The allegations are based on the fact that both companies use false documents of their origin to enter the country, which once piped into the country, quickly sold gas to gas stations and companies selling Amado Yuz and Alejandro del Valle. Are distributed with. Price to established.

Tax authorities reportedly provided the Energy Secretariat (SENR) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) with the necessary information to revoke the licenses of both companies.


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