The future of the pagos in Mexico – Meczyki

Maricarmen Garcia and Luis Alejandro Flores

Tomando en cuenta el desarrollo de pago en línea en el país, el Banco de México (Banxico) ha unizado una strategia para promover pagos seguros, inmediatos, sin commisiones y que estén available at cée estén available.

This is the first time I’ve seen this1):

Mis A mismo riesgo, misma regulación (determined by the type of activism or financing service and not with the base in the legal jurisdiction of the entity).

Interactive and neutralized. Evitar la segmentación y la extracción de ganancias de aqm متحدہt کے k شع s شعbبےe specifico y no dirigir las transaccciones de pago hakia un tramo de la Red en special.

• There is no single generator of concentrations. That exists the conditions for the introduction of new actors to the concentration or aisles services that do not convince with the red pagos ecosystem.

• Operational continuity in the prestige services. The service is available when you need it, at the moment you don’t need it.

• Adequada protection of the clients. The information of a user is the user and not the entity that replicates, and this is the user who has the power, control and control over his data.

• Gestión de la ciberseguridad y resiliencia cibernética. Avoid the rigid propaganda in the financing system, and maintain the operative and cybernetic security to ensure the quality of the users as well as the ecosystem.

For the realization of this system of pagos, what is the execution or is it in the market, we have decided how many projects: electronic system pagos (SPEI 2.0), system of authentication and digital verification system (central) API de pagos (Application programming interface).

The first step is to login to view your post in the publications. Dior official The Circular 1/2022, which regularly seeks indirect participation of regulated financial entities, enables its operational capacity and implements operative controls to the benefit of its final clients. There is no indirect participation of SE when there is an empire that does not directly connect to the central bank of the process of transferring the funds of its clients to a terrarium that is part of the SPEI. This circular is aligned to the general panorama of the future of the ecosystem of pagos and the infrastructures of mercados that have such a condition, to be able to innovate, to keep up with a trade regulatory and linear clauses that banxico lalama “piso parejo” de participante, y se favorecen los servicios escalables, processes estandarizados y la continuidad.

Dicha Circular aborda aspectos como:

Applications We accept the contract for indirect participatory services.

Edits Applicable las institutes of Pago Electronic (IFPE).

Assignment The basic standard claw (CLABE) for identifying items.

participation del concepto “remesas”.

Edits cobro digital (CoDi) has the obligation to connect.

Limits Volunteers and monts to be indirect participant.

This last aspect has been discussed incredibly, especially among the empires of the sector. Fantasticya los límites para permanecer como un participante indirectly perciberse bajos, dado que una vez que se superen 100 mil cuentas de cliente, excen un millón 200 mil transferencis de envío o receipcium 200 mil transferancias de enviío o 3 million 600 million units of communication (UDIs) have left their connections directly to Banxico, and no trace of one.

This is an implicit process for dedicated technical operations, as well as specialization, and integration with regulators, which can be done in a timely manner. Prevention of data mining and protection of personal data, among others. The rule is contingent: if a participant indirectly seeks out the limits and does not present to the administrator the solicitation of admissions as participant, his service will be restored to new lines.

Los puntos anteriores han generado una duda generalizada entre empresas usuarias del SPEI sobre si están sujetas a esta regulación. No circular search Normar without indirect participation of financiers, especially those who receive instructional transitions from the terrestrial accounts. If a client solicits an organizational realization of a transcendence to the terrestrial, such negativity is suited to the circular.

The Mexican bank is expected to increase the number of operations in the SPEI by 2022 to 3 million 104 million, 52 more than in the year 2021. This is a good news, but implicit operations in the SPEI will increase. .

The participants of the financier industry have tried to make their posts and realize their solicitudes of admissions, and Banxico is not responding, considering its principles of its vision and its objectives to the digital parameters:.

(1) Strategia de pagos del banco de mexico, banco de mexico, 2021.

Maricarmen García es Socia de Asesoría en Administración de Riesgos Financieros y Luis Alejandro Flores es Gerente Senior Senior Assessoría de KPMG en Mexico