The game of baseball has brought down the tragedy in Cerocahui

Chihuahua José Noriel Portillo Gil, alias “El Chueco”, privatized by the libertarians of the two men, Paul and Armando B. Morales Cerocahui, revealed the fiscal year of Roberto Fierro.

To present the report de l’Ocurrido in the community of the municipality of Urique, Fierro Duarte expressed that after two hours he separated from those who succumbed to the lunacy in the community of Cerocahui, came to the foundation of the barracks of Taararah.

The functionality of the long-running prince that actually makes the two people continually desperate and discourages them from treating the United Nations group of tourists, as if it were already prevalent.

Los hermanos Paul and Armando formed a baseball base that had contracted patrols for “El Chueco”. The result of this part is considered to be the best of the best against women, accepted with the realized investigations for the Fiscal General de Estado (FGE).

“In the past we heard reports that we had been informed by José Noriel Portillo Gil, aka ‘El Chueco’, that he had received a domicile from the localization of Paul B., a resident of the community, The United Nations played a game of baseball in which he participated in a patrol car by the mannequin ‘Chueco’ and traced back to Derrotado, but was born with the other equipment in the competition between the men Paul and Armando B. diversos testigos “, dijo el fiscal.

At the same time in his contraction and desperation he treated one of the distinguished homicides of Pedro Palma and his father Jesus, remembering the day of misfortune with some minutes of difference, reconciliation, demeaning and deception.

After being informed by the fiscal, Paul B. Fue attaches himself to an arrow of Fuego and his domicile incendiado, thinks that he is a mujer and a man of Edad lograron escapes this ataque and or encounters Fuera of Peligro.

Internally, it was created that they were desperate, but the point is that the mujer and the manor of the edifice are humbled.

The fiscal segment that continually operates with the help of three of Gobierno’s parasites with the paradigm of desperate women, as the responsibly responsive ambitions of the city.

Además, the function of the connoisseur to bring the mediated fueron localized to the crowbar of the Jesuits Jesuit Joaquín César Mora and Javier Campos Morales, like the guy of the tourist Pedro Eliodoro Palma, encipio.u of tempo temperament.

The three humberes were won by “El Chueco” at the 13th hour of the next lunar eclipse, because the search for the curators took place at the part of the Estates Estates and the Guardia Nacional at 48 hours.

The Gov. Maru Campos, who sent a message to Cerocahui, confirmed the arrival of the 16:00 hours that the localization of the victims had taken place and that the logarithm of his investment was very pleasing to the investment of the luna de luna. ocurrido creamy report in the antigua jesuita.

Recently a video, Campos Galván gave the concoction that he was making in the city of Urique and that the equipo of the General Fiscalía of the Estado, encapsulated by Roberto Fierro, had a log with the parade of the crow’s feet above them cuerpos tras.

The distance between the community of Cerocahui and the citarcanas of Pitreral, by the two localized ferrets, is approximately 100 kilometers away, in a trajectory that is almost always accompanied by the competition of the tract.

To make a trip to Otto es nesario cruzar the communities of Bahuichivo, San Rafael and the Barrancas division of Cobre, all in the municipality of Urique, as well as other publications that form part of the municipality of Bocoyna.

Because of the complexity of the communication, the information is not the same as the day of the day, but it is clear that there is no communication.

Jesuit reclaman cuerpos

The provincial governor in Mexico, Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid, was not allowed to go to the María Eugenia Campos Galván on the three sides of the hall, among those who met the Jesuit Javier Campos Joveer Campos Moroles.

“We are not afraid of the consequences of our actions. We are confident that the information will be accepted in the future.” dolientes comunidades ”, give the concierge of the province of Jesúsa

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