The game of killing the losers.

1.- One of the basic principles of social coexistence that we learn from a very young age is the prohibition of killing another human being. Wars, the death penalty, and beliefs in some religions that justify it are seen as special and extreme issues. But it is haraam to go to a corner and kill someone who has raised our voice or to punish the one who puts a gun to his head and drives a red light.

2.- That is why, in our current culture, we are most affected when someone walks around a school or shopping center and wields a weapon to kill the people in front of him. And the collective psyche we experienced when the Twin Towers collapsed in New York was horrible. The sight of murder frightens us because it reminds us of our weakness. Life is our most precious asset and at the same time our most delicate.

3.- Taking advantage of this “terrorism” of killing people, Hollywood has sold us movies full of bloody deaths for decades. So we can consider what frightens us while sitting in the security of a movie theater. However, from South Korea, we now have a chain that takes death to a new level. Killing humans without crime as part of the game.

4.- I am, of course, referring to “The Squid Game” which premiered on September 17 and is set to become one of the most watched productions on Netflix in a very short time. It is a very dark story presented with bright and bright pictures. Surprising contradiction that is attracting the attention of the whole world.

5.- The plot is very simple. A large number of people must participate in the competition based on children’s games. Whoever wins will win 45.6 billion won (South Korean currency), or about 38 38 million. And they kill the losers. Point Although the extreme suffering of the participants is understandable, the calm and minimal glamor of the soldiers protecting them is interesting, to say the least.

6.- Something that can be annoying with “The Squid Game” is that so many kids and teens are watching it. And they’re really liking it! On social networks, they create trends with their respective hashtags and happily express their views on it. Because competition is presented as a game for children, young children can easily attach it and feel close to it. It’s as if the barrel pig decides to use a machine gun.

7.- No psychologist would believe that the lack of seriousness in mass murder leaves something positive in the minds of very young children. The fact is that the content of “The Squid Game” is especially for adults. We think that sex should be limited to minors only. However, violence should also ban the programming they watch. For now, “The Squid Game” becomes a global hit at shot speed.

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Author: Meczyki

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