The Giants’ Duty Booker is ready to win Week 1.

As Deventy Booker sees it, what happens on a Sunday is really a new beginning, but certainly not the first.

Yes, he will play for the Giants in his first game, and, most likely, he will have a leading ball career in offense, although the restless Barclays He is expected to make the long return official in the summer. By getting the green light to play against the Broncos. Barclays will get headlines and attention, but it could be Booker who gets the ball and the yard.

She is OK with that.

“I know I haven’t played a playoff game, not a Super Bowl or anything like that,” Booker told The Post. “But I’ve been in a group of different systems and I know a lot of football. I’ve learned a lot over the years. That’s all I can bring, and my ability to play. They didn’t want me here. Come on if I wasn’t playing well or whatever I had to do on the field.

Booker was one of the most interesting signs for the giants. He was ready to part with Van Gelman and wanted an experienced running back to pair with Barclays, who is rebuilding his knee. Booker, who signed a two-year deal worth up to 6 6 million, was an interesting choice. The 29-year-old Broncos had a fourth-round draft pick in 2016 and his busiest season so far was his rookie year, when he started six games and ran 612 yards on 174 carry.

Deventy Booker.
Bill Costron.

Since then, there has been only one more start for Booker, for last season’s Raiders. He ran 93 times for 423 yards last year. He has a total of 1,526 yards and seven quick touchdowns and 122 receptions and one touchdown for 956 yards.

There is no indication on Booker’s resume that he can handle the full load. He needs every hint early this season, as the Giants play their first two games four days apart and will not put their luck to the test and endanger Barclays’ knee. Gary Brightwell is the only other rookie behind the roster.

“He looks great,” Baker said of Barclays. “He had a lot of time and he was doing his job. Seeing the way he works, he’s ready.

Ready to play? Yes. Ready for 20-25 touches? no.

Enter, Booker.

“It’s going to be my sixth season and when I get the ball, I’m very determined, I just run,” said Booker. “It’s football at the end of the day. I have nothing to say to giant fans or anything like that. I have to wait and see and get out of there.

“Absolutely, I’m sure. I have to have confidence. I’m not sure if I’m out I’m not going to play my game, I’m not going to be myself. I’m sure of my abilities. Whatever card deals this game. Only time will tell.


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