The green past will show the past.

Wild Cat returns to Better Guide for its 25th season. Kate’s record in print is 652-561 (53.8%) against the spread.

Cincinnati Bungalows (+3) above Green Bay Packers.

Hayes-winning QB who continues to thrive for the home Bengals. This is a potentially flat spot for Green Bay, with another road trip (Chicago) next week. Cincinnati is currently in a three-way tie for the AFC North Lead, while the Packers appear to be on the deck with Bayer, Washington, Arizona, Kansas City and Seattle. But the Packers have the most “D”. Sensei creates most of its opportunities for a unit.

Carolina Panthers (-3) on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Moving on to this trend, it was better for us that Carolina did not succeed in defeating the Cowboys. Philadelphia needs to be more competitive, to ensure that Panthers QB Sam Darnald continues to show off his talents. Eagles are not pushovers, but Darnald Eagles in control can cause more problems than a “D” solution. Panthers are under attack for one unit.

Previous Week: 1-1. Bear (W) Bikiniers (L)

Season: 6-2.


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