The grown-up woman threatened to kneel on the neck of a black 9-year-old boy and called him Enward.

“Frightened, DH fled, but the defendant managed to apprehend him,” the lawyer said in the complaint. On this occasion, Gripper is accused of issuing threats and calling the child N-Word, leaving him on the brink of tears “leaving him shaking and upset.” He returned home.

“When police met with the defendant on June 1, 2021, the defendant initially did not remember the incident but then explained how DH broke his child’s toy,” a lawyer said in the complaint. Defendant refused to tell the DH that she would kneel on his neck, and instead, he recalled the words, ‘You wonder why you guys kneel. ‘

“He also refused to call DH **** r but later said that the reason was that ‘he’ did not know how to close his’ n **** r pie holes.”

The kneeling comment seems to be a reference to his death. George Floyd, A black father was killed in police custody when a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes.

The DHK Family Attorney wrote in the suit:

“The DH race encouraged the defendant’s intimidation. The nature of the defendant’s threat gave rise to the DH race because the threat was a reference to the mass murder of George Floyd in 2020.” Furthermore, the defendant’s statement to law enforcement that “they” do not know how to close their “N **** R Pie Holes” is further evidence to support racial motivation to threaten the defendant. Defendant’s action is a violation of the Civil Rights Act, RSA 354-B: 1.

The state attorney’s office said in a release that a maximum of ڈالر 5,000 could be fined for civil rights violations. The court could also order further violations of the Civil Rights Act, officials said. “The complaint and the allegations contained in it are mere allegations that the Civil Rights Unit must prove at the final hearing.”

The DHK family’s lawyer said they were “afraid to return to the park and would only do so if other children helped keep her safe.”

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