The horrifying story behind the viral TikTok ‘Voicemail’

A TikTok clip of a woman listening to a jaw-dropping voicemail in which a man explains why he should go out with her has garnered over a million views.

Imitri, as the man identifies himself at the beginning of the clip, is calling the woman for the second time after arriving a few days ago.

Despite not hearing back from the “elegant” woman at first, Dimitri issues her a 3 a.m. deadline to return his call… or “I’m not interested anymore,” he threatens.

Dmitry is supposedly “intelligent, great in bed, earns a lot of money …” He continues to exude many of the characteristics he possesses.

In fact, as he puts it, he is “one of the few men in the city who has no fault in him.”

Unable to cope with the perception of possible rejection from the recipient of the voicemail, he suggests that the woman may actually be struggling with a number of “psychological issues”.

“Maybe you were abused as a child? Maybe you’re just someone who is overly fearful and has an anxiety disorder? Maybe you’re taking any medications for that? I don’t know. Another issue Maybe, ”suggests Dmitry.

A user who shared the audio, @mollydareofficial, which she captioned “Dating in your 40s…”, reacted to Dmitry’s alarming message.

As soon as her video began to go viral, however, she was quick to correct many who believed she had been sent voicemail.

“This audio is not mine – this is a trending audio and it is from 10 years ago,” she wrote in the comments section.

So, who is Dmitry?

“Dmitry the Lover” is a self-proclaimed pick-up artist who sold courses he claimed would train men to seduce women.

However, Dmitry is just a pseudonym for this particular bust.

The man behind this message’s real name is James Sears – a Canadian editor who was convicted in January 2019 of intentionally promoting hatred against women and Jewish people.

Sears was the editor of an anti-Semitic tabloid promoting his own political party, the unregistered New Constitution Party, which was described by former Canadian Jewish Congress chief executive Bernie Farber as “an apparent attempt at abominable representation of Jews”. .

In August 2019, Sears was released on bail pending the hearing of his appeal, which was later denied, marking the beginning of his one-year imprisonment.

Sears was later released on parole in October 2021, but was arrested again in February 2022 for violating his parole terms.

Why is this voicemail now circulating on social media?

The infamous voicemail appears to be making the rounds of the Internet every couple of years.

Even though voicemail is out of date, Sears’ methods sound familiar to many people on social media. Responding to the latest viral video featuring the audio, many viewers said that they have experienced Dimitri-style offers from men.

As one commenter put it: “Sadly, there are so many men out there like this.”

“He sounds like my ex,” wrote another.

Here’s the voicemail in full:

“It’s calling Dmitry again – the street boy.

“I left you a message several days ago. I don’t like to leave other messages, but I like you: You are a very beautiful woman, you are very attractive. But I don’t play that game. So, it’s like this kind of works.

“If I don’t get your call back by 3 p.m. Thursday, I’m not interested anymore.

“I’m so intelligent, I’m great in bed, I make a lot of money. Believe it or not, I’m totally catching on.

“Actually, I am some of the people in town who have nothing wrong with him.

“Now, I understand if you have other issues. Maybe you were abused as a child? Maybe you’re just someone who is overly fearful and has an anxiety disorder? Are you taking any medicine for that? I don’t know. There could be another issue.

“If you’re psychologically normal, and you haven’t called me because something terrible happened in your life that stopped you, that’s fine.”

The voicemail allegedly sent to a woman named Olga has since been made private in her original post on YouTube.