The injury to Astros’ great Lance McCoolers is still being investigated, no decision has been made yet.

Lance McCullers, who came out with an arm strap against the White Sox in Tuesday’s Game 4, is still being investigated and no decision has yet been made on whether he will play against the Red Sox in the American League. Will be available for or not. According to the general manager of the championship series, James Click.

Click said the team is awaiting MRI results on the pitcher’s arm.

If McCoolers is perfectly healthy, he will likely start Game 3 against the Red Sox, then will be in line for a possible Game 7 start. If McCoolers is no longer an option, Astros will likely turn to Zack Greenke or Jack Odorzy to fill in the gaps in the initial rotation.

Mac Coolers – who started Game 4 with regular rest, but in a week where his preparation was less than expected as he was preparing to launch the first possible Game 5 Game 4 was pushed back a day by rain. – Quit Tuesday’s game after four innings, saying he started feeling tight in his arm early in the fourth. When he arrived at the dugout, McCoolers told manager Dusty Baker and pitching coach Brent Strom about the feeling of his arm. McCullers scored five runs and conceded just one run in his four innings, throwing 73 pitches.

“Lance is a warrior, and for him to come out of this intense game, you know he should have been something,” Baker said Tuesday. “We tried to stop it before it got serious.”

McCoolers missed the 2019 season after Talkie John’s surgery, but after Tuesday’s game he said he didn’t think the injury had anything to do with it.

The 28-year-old McCullers, who signed a five-year, 85 85 million contract extension last off-season, has a career-high 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA, second in the American League, and Carrier’s highest 185 strikeout. His 162 1/3 innings was the first time in his career that he had bowled more than 130 innings in a major league season.

If the McCoolers are out, the Astros will have a selection of the pair of veterans in Greenke and Odorzi.

Greenke, who will turn 38 next week, went 11-6 this season with a 4.16 ERA, but lost time late in the season due to a neck injury. He made an appearance in the White Sox series.

Odorzi went 6-7 with a 4.21 ERA, but was dropped from the Astros’ ALDS roster.

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