The inmate in the deadly attack was taken to a ‘safe zone’ after the kettle attack

An inmate who was the victim of a deadly attack at Mountjoy Prison was beaten with a kettle just two days before he was moved to a different section of the prison.

Obert O’Connor (34), who died from his devastating head injuries yesterday morning at Mater Hospital after the attack last Friday, was moved to a new wing for his own safety.

The decision was taken after the kettle attack less than 48 hours ago.

Prison sources said several inmates have been disciplined for an earlier attack and guards are investigating whether the attack on the prison’s A-wing is linked to O’Connor’s murder at C2 Landing.

A major line of investigation is whether O’Connor was targeted in a revenge attack when he ordered another prisoner to avenge an alleged attack on one of the murder victim’s close aides. To be killed

Senior sources said this is one of the many motive theories being probed.

Irish independent It may reveal that shortly before 6 p.m. last Friday, O’Connor was seen walking into his cell with another inmate.

Shortly thereafter, two other prisoners followed them into the cell where the barbaric attack had taken place.

It is not known whether he took part in the attack or was merely “keeping sketches”.

A key line of questioning is that O’Connor was struck by a device described as a “blunt object” as soon as he entered his cell and then only seconds later before prison officers arrived at the scene. Earlier he was kicked and beaten.

“A lot of work needs to be done on this investigation, but it could also be that only one person is responsible for the fatal injuries caused to the victim,” a senior source said.

Despite this, the three notorious criminals captured by prison officers in O’Connor’s cell are placed in an isolation regime and are expected to be moved to other prisons before being interrogated by Gardai.

A senior source said, “The investigative team is not in a hurry because none of the people involved are going anywhere anytime soon… and Gardai has plenty of time to build up evidence of what really happened.” “

Of the three prisoners living in the cell, one is linked to the Kinahan cartel, while the other is serving a long sentence for serious burglary.

All are from the north side of the capital and are considered extremely violent criminals.

The northern inner-city Kinahan aide is serving a sentence in connection with the attempted murder of a Hutch ally. He was also arrested last year in a gangland murder case.

The prisoner, who is serving a long sentence for an infamous theft in Munster, is originally from the Coolock area and is known to be extremely violent.

A third suspect who is of prime interest in the interrogation is a 38-year-old crack cocaine addict from the capital’s northern inner city and is serving a sentence for a string of violent robberies in Dublin over a three-month period.

“Was it personal or these individuals were paid to do it or was it because of debt? That is what the Garda investigation will establish now,” said a senior source.

“There are a lot of theories in this case but the most likely reason is that he was attacked because of the first prison attack in which he cut off the face of a prisoner, but an open mind needs to be kept.”

Last Friday, O’Connor was taken to Mater Hospital where he was kept alive on a ventilator after he was diagnosed with a serious brain injury. His life support was suspended early yesterday, but Gardai has been treating the case as a murder investigation since Friday due to the injuries sustained by the victim.

O’Connor had been in custody at Cloverhill Prison since last October, but was moved to Mountjoy in February after serving a six-month sentence for a different crime. Last Wednesday, he pleaded guilty in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possessing a semi-automatic pistol in Finglas on October 13, 2021.

O’Connor was followed by Gardai when he and another man abandoned a vehicle headed for Finglas on the N2. They were followed on North Road in Finglas. He was arrested and claimed to have a gun because he was “in fear of my life”. His previous convictions included drug offenses, theft of cars, criminal damages, theft and traffic offenses.