The January 6 committee is preparing to hold Benin in criminal contempt.

Benn’s lawyer has argued that he is complying with Donald Trump’s claim to executive privilege. “We completely reject his position,” Thompson said. Even if Trump’s claim to executive privilege has merit, Benn was not an administration official at the time of the question.

According to The Washington Post.Once the committee votes to declare Benn insulting, the charge will go to the House floor. Assuming it passes, the House will refer criminal contempt to the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Merck Garland and the federal prosecutor will decide. Even if Benin is prosecuted. A successful sentence for opposing an application carries a fine of up to لاکھ 100,000 and up to one year in prison.

Even so, it is possible that Benin will not comply. In fact, Benn probably doesn’t want anything more than to see him as a martyr for Trump.

Benn’s example, he said, could still be important in gaining the support of others who may not be as enthusiastic about financing a long legal battle, paying fines, and spending time in a clinic.

In short, Benn and the other Subpoena Dodgers must be held accountable, and. It remains to be seen Where Garland will land on it.

President Joe Biden has already rejected Trump’s claim to executive privilege, and his White House has backed the Jan. 6 investigation.

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