The journalist publishes photos of Emilio Luzoya at the Los Lumas restaurant on CDMX. The former director of Pemex continued the process of independence.

On Saturday night, journalist Lourdes Mendoza posted a series of photos on his social networks of Emilio Luzoya, the former director of Patrilos Mexico, who is currently on trial for an operation with illegal resources.

According to Mendoza’s version, former President Enrique Peیناa Nieto’s colleague Peso de la Reforma looks like this at a dinner at a luxury restaurant called Hunan. “I went in person and caught him gossiping,” the journalist says. “My pictures have a date and time,” he assures, confirming October 9 at 7:57 p.m. When the photo was taken.

Luzoya was arrested in February 2020 in Spain on charges of alleged involvement in the Odbricht case. In July of that year, a judge ordered him to wear an electronic bracelet so that he could continue his work freely.

Currently, the former director of Pemex is serving as a co-witness. In his statement, he accused Ricardo Anaya and other deputies of taking bribes to promote energy reform under Enrique Peیناa Nieto.

Emilio Luzoya and Bracelet.

As reported last July 2020, Los Angeles, who was director of Petrilos Mexico during the presidency of Enrique Pe پa Nieto between 2012 and 2016, became the first Mexican to testify in the Odbricht case and use illegal resources against him. Accused of criminal offenses, criminal association and bribery

Despite fleeing in 2019, The judge only banned him from leaving the country and monitored him with an electronic bracelet after he left the hospital. In which he was admitted from Spain with anemia after extradition and from where he testified through video call.

These are the same precautionary measures imposed by Control Judge Jose Artemio Zuga on Tuesday in 2013 in exchange for a bribe from Altos Horns de Mexico for the illegal purchase of a fertilizer plant.


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