The journalist’s family is “heartbroken” after the murder was confirmed on a remote Amazon.


The family of British journalist Dom Phillips said they were “heartbroken” that they and local expert Bruno Pereira had been killed on Amazon.

Mr Phillips’ UK-based loved ones issued a brief statement paying tribute to their beloved Dom and Mr Pereira when Brazilian authorities said on Thursday that two bodies had been recovered from a remote location following the confession of their main suspect. Have happened

Brazilian Justice Minister Anderson Torres said the remains were found in the area where the couple went missing on June 5, while a federal investigator said fisherman Amarillo da Costa de Oliveira, 41, confessed to shooting the men. What is it.

In a statement, Mr Phillips’ family said: “This morning we were informed that two bodies had been recovered from a remote location following the confession of one of the men in custody.

“We are heartbroken to confirm that Dom and Bruno were killed and we extend our deepest sympathies to Alessandra, Beatrice and other members of the Brazilian family of the two men.”

Police were dispatched to the scene, where human remains were recovered after a 10-day search.

Investigator Eduardo Alexander Fontes said the fisherman told officers he used a gun to kill the couple and then took them deep into the woods, where he buried them.

Mr Phillips’ family said: “We are grateful to all those who took part in the search, especially the local groups who worked tirelessly to find evidence of the attack.”

The bereaved family intends to pay full tribute and “their views on the brave lives and important work of these notable people” but for the moment they are trying to deal with their grief privately.

He asked the media for confidentiality.

Mr Fontes told a news conference in Manaus that police had “no way to get there without a confession”.

The remains are expected to be identified in a few days, and if confirmed as missing, will be “returned to the families of the two.”

He said the bodies were found in the jungle about two miles away and rescue teams traveled about an hour and 40 minutes across the river and another 25 minutes into the jungle burial site.

Federal police say more arrests will be made soon.

Supporters of Dom Phillips and Bruno Araujo Pereira in surveillance outside the Brazilian embassy in London, (Victoria Jones / PA) / PA Wire

Leading environmentalists said they were “shocked and saddened” by the killings and called on Brazilian authorities to conduct a full investigation.

Pete Vendetti, executive director of Greenpeace UK, described the couple as a “brave, passionate and determined man” who did a “significant job” of helping Brazilian indigenous peoples defend their land and rights on a daily basis. Has given

Stating that the killings are the latest in a series of attacks that have turned Amazon into a “massive crime scene”, he added: “Enough is enough.

“The world must wake up and take every step to end the unbearable violence and oppression on Amazon. We can now pay our greatest tribute to Bruno and Dom as long as all the people of Brazil and their Until forests are fully protected, their important task is to continue.

WWF Chief Executive Tania Steele said: “We stand with our colleagues in Brazil, condemning their killings and the lawlessness that is one of the most precious and fragile scenes in the world, where thousands Home to the locals. “

Foreign Office Secretary WikiLeaks tweeted on Thursday: “We will continue to provide all possible assistance to Mr. Phillips’ family during this difficult time. I thank the Brazilian authorities for their support and commitment. ۔

It comes as former Tory Prime Minister Theresa May insists Britain must “do everything possible” to pressure Brazilian authorities to cover up the truth about the missing.

Mrs May made the request to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday after police arrested another suspect in the House of Commons.

Mr Johnson said Foreign Office officials were working with Brazilian authorities.

He said: “The responsible minister has repeatedly raised the issue of search and rescue efforts with the Brazilian Minister of Justice and Public Protection and what we have told the Brazilians is that we will provide them with all possible assistance. Ready to do. “

Earlier, the Brazilian ambassador to Britain apologized to Mr Phillips’ family for misrepresenting his body.

According to The Guardian, the family received a call Monday morning from an aide to the ambassador, stating that their bodies were tied to trees in a rain forest.

However, Mr Phillips’ brother-in-law, Paul Sherwood, confirmed to PA News on Tuesday that Ambassador Fred Aruda had written to the family that the statement was incorrect.