The key to effectively communicating important messages is all about simplicity.

How do you take on important and heavy topics without feeling like you’re just pushing information down people’s throats?

It’s a question many creatives face when building campaigns around health and wellness campaigns, and while there are no easy answers, Droga5’s group creative director Giancarlo Rodas says that sometimes the stars align on a great concept. There are.

Describing the spark that led to Droga5’s Cannes Lions award-winning campaign “Toxic Flag”, Rodas explained, “We were having dinner in Lebanon, and someone was concerned about the issue of incinerators sending toxic fumes into Beirut. And we just had saw a digital artist who made a virtual smoke flag and we thought, ‘Hey, what if we could collaborate with this artist to make a flag in real life?’ “

The resulting location featured a flagpole emitting a black (non-toxic) plume of smoke over the city, drawing attention to the invisible but extremely toxic fumes being released by garbage incinerators.

“It’s such a simple idea,” explained Rodas, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Feier. “We just found a symbol for what we wanted to say.”

Watch the full interview between Rodas and Pfeiffer to gain insight into how to understand and execute messages that are simple and effective for any audience.