The La Palma volcano erupted again with a loud bang.

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The eruption, which began on September 19, has forced more than 6,000 people to evacuate on the island of La La, on the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

Some 946 homes were destroyed and 100 affected.

Farmers try to maintain irrigation of live banana plants after roads and water pipes destroyed by lava flows.

The La Palma volcano activity “became explosive due to pyroclasts and bombings,” the Volcanic Institute of the Canary Islands, Involcan, said Tuesday.

A video posted by the institute the night before shows a block of rock hitting a wall more than a kilometer from the opening, indicating the volcanic eruption.

The volcano has released an estimated 250,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 35 million cubic meters of magma.

What’s going to happen

Cameras captured in detail the thick lava that came out of the main opening when the cone around it broke again on Monday.

Experts are focusing on whether the lava will follow the previous paths when it descends or spread to other areas, which will increase the destruction.

After traveling six kilometers, the lava has been falling into the Atlantic Ocean since last Friday.

On Tuesday, the peninsula reached 30 hectares, the equivalent of 42 football fields.

Raul Kamacho, the island’s head of tourism, said on Tuesday that the island is open to tourists and that they keep coming despite the volcanoes because the money they spend is needed to revitalize the local economy.



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