The legal problem is that Ilunga Makabu vs “Canelo” Álvarez will play

Mexican player Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez dio a conocer semana pasada que subirá de peso para enfrentarse a Ilunga Makabu en la categoria Crucera.

Sin embargo, el combate entre el “Canelo” and the conglomerate could not be caught in the act, debited with a legal technical problem, since the actual champion of the category has a pending combatant.

Makabu deberá försvarare su titulo ante el sudafricano Thabiso Mchunu, en un combate mandatorio por el Boxeo World Cup (CMB), because the game against Alvarez is at risk.

The event in which it takes place al “Canelo” in a superior weight to the costume power posponerse hasta that the African logre librar su manda.

When is the nearest cane of “Canelo” Álvarez?

La pelea del “Canelo” Álvarez versus Ilunga Makabu is scheduled for the first week of May in the next year, although it will be here soon.

How did you get to know “Canelo” Álvarez in his last play?

The Mexican is in the middle of the stadium Caleb Plant sv un buen combate que se definió hasta onceavo asalto con un brutal nocaut del boxeador tapatío.



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