The Life of Linda, Mother of Celebrity Google Box Star Relan Clark – From Terrible Health to Relan’s Secret Family

Celebrity Gogglebox’s new series returns to the screens on Friday (June 17) for second aid as some of the country’s favorite celebrities take to their sofas to criticize the week’s TV. The latest season airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

Stars appearing in the series include First Date’s Fred Syracuse and his fiance ‘Fruit Cake’ and Happy Monday co-stars Beaz and Sean Ryder. The latest season also features TV presenter Relan Clark and his mother Linda.

Rylan is probably a familiar face to most viewers, having gained fame in 2012 after competing in the ninth series of X Factor. She has since starred in Strictly Come Dancing: At Tex Two and Big Brother, and has her own BBC Radio 2 show.

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However, it was his mother, Linda Clark, who stole the show in last week’s episode, and left Google Box fans stitched with her hilarious commentary. Here we take a look at Linda’s life outside of the Channel 4 hit program – from her health to the shape of her BBC and other family members.

The mother-son duo returned to the Channel 4 program for Season Four after a two-year hiatus. Due to Linda’s ill health, the couple took time off from the show. Relan has previously talked about his mother’s struggle with Crohn’s disease, a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract.

Relan Clark explains how Linda was selected for the Celebrity Google Box.

Speaking to the Loose Women’s Panel in 2019, the Task Master Star said: “My mother has suffered from Crohn’s disease all her life and I don’t think there is much talk about Crohn’s. Once again, I almost lost my mother. The third time. ”

Explaining the effects of her condition on her life, Reynolds revealed that Linda had sepsis in 2018. He added: “She was very respectful. The hospital told her, ‘If you don’t come in. [for] One more week, it will happen. “

She also contracted skin cancer at the end of 2021. Reynolds revealed on his BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday (October 30) that his mother, Linda, had been diagnosed with skin cancer, but said it was not life-threatening. He gave his audience some context when his mother said he had three stitches under his eye and would have to have another biopsy.

He said: “I should probably tell people who we’re talking about. So Mimi, and that’s all right, she has skin cancer on her face, but she’s fine. It’s life threatening. No, and it’s a bit of a stretch, so we’re going to end it all. “

Relan and his mother have a very close relationship and he told how he grew up in East London with his mother, grandmother and older brother. But he had earlier revealed that he had another family he had never met.

Speaking openly on the Louis Theroux podcast ‘Grounded’ during the epidemic, the 33-year-old talked about his relationship with his father, and revealed that his father had another family from which he had once been. Was not found and has no plans. He said: “My mother and father were not together. My father used to see me when I was very young. I remember he came to see me.”

He continued: “I think he had another family who didn’t know me but it just stopped. I never saw him and he was.” Relin then talked about another time he had seen his father before he died. He said: “I remember walking down the high street, keeping in mind that I hadn’t seen my dad for maybe 10 years and I was too young. I just saw this man walking towards us from a distance. I saw it and left. “Mom, I think that’s it. Dad.”

Her mother confirmed that her father was actually walking towards her and accidentally said hello. Relan explained that his father was happy to see him, holding his face and saying ‘my boy’. He said: “I think we talked for about 30 seconds. I went and got my sandwich from the store and that was the last time I saw him.”

Talking to Louis about his parents’ relationship, he said they had never been married. Linda lives alone. Reylan had previously said:It’s all drama. Mom’s 67, lives on her own and can’t ski, so she calls me every day about it.

The pair are so close that Linda made her debut earlier this year as a co-host of Relan’s Radio 2 show in a special for Mother’s Day. Announcing the hosting shake-up on her Instagram page, Rylan shared a photo of her with the tagline ‘Rylan & Linda on Saturday’.

Celebrity Google Box airs on Channel 4 and All 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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