The life of the dead – Meczyki

The evolution of religion from the world, violence and violence with the world of vidas, integrity, patrimony, derechos and liberties or it is inocultable: the anti-criminal politics of this and the three gobernos anterior hackodosis. One of the reasons why the Nación appears as a combination of the politics of India and the cream of the crop, the desolation and silence is an inconceivable tolerance before the cautiverio, the indifference or the olvido is just its refusal.

it’s nothing. One of the problems of the state that has prolonged to all the larvae of this is that they have pretended to have a cure. Not because of error, but because the parties have decided to negotiate, negotiate and agree on a solution to the problem: a state of politics. There is only myopia and political mezquindad.

However, the nación has not been able to live without knowing the number, rostro and alma de la victima en turno o cuando la espuma de la rabia ya na puede retenerla— cómo la paz y la justicia sucumben ante la impunidady. If there is no asymmetry, sex or sex, even without the rhetoric of security and augmentation, migraine or diversification of criminal activity, we have the gobernos and the parts of the terminus of the part of the semicircle. Tereño de la tereño, in many places, is an official fossa or clandestine.

Durante estos ultimos veintidós años, los asesinados ya casi suman medio millón y enerva saber que lox praximos muertos todenen vida y pasarán a formar part de la estadística de la desvergüenza. From the tens of thousands of miles of desperation: a ventilation of the day.


With inflation or disasters with plants, estratega with cascade, dandi with gomina or humanist with multiple options, the actual and the last three presidents of the Republic are not asymmetric with the state of affairs and, at times, in the state of war. In other words, the security of the public domain.

At the best of casinos and at the moment, the bosses pretend to administer the problem without solving the problem for the sake of sexuality ترنگا que tanto les fascina terciarse al pecho.

Thus, the ocurrencia in turno and the margin of its political sign, the titles of the executive are aparecido or desperate, relinquished or vacated by the Secretariat of Security; Invented or eliminated political curves; reformed, contra reformed and reformed the capricion of the constituency and the leyes; tried to concentrate or disperse the political mando; asymmetry or delegated to conveniencia responsibilidades con los gobernadores; fortified, debilitated in the state of municipalities or municipalities; Selectively combat the criminals and, in all cases, they fall into the trap, disturbing the funerary armadas and aborting the adventures of crime into hackers indefinitely.

The part of this sexual politics is the posture of the parts, but it is not in the pod. Knowing the error of his own, he saw that the contradictory of the supera. The ejaculation of its action is not the acknowledgment, its error of the other, the past or the present. What matters is the state of justice and justice. La paz es el bienestar en el sepulcro.

The three parts parted in the powder, giving the same chertza that the alternation did not make a difference in the alternate and, in turn, facilitated the creamy cream.


Harta oír que, dichendose diferentes, esos gobiernos esgrimen o han esgrimido los mismos argumentso cuando, en su turno, les ha tocado encarar alguna crisis o tragedia provocada por el cream.

Actúan como una calca. Tras la matanza, ejecución u homicidio reportan haber reforzado la seguridad en el lugar del creamn y accordonado el sitio, haciendo gala de la eficacia initil. Information has to be identified to the authors of the delicacy, since there are many reasons for this. Juran que dejarán caer todo el peso mosca de la justicia sobre el culpable, a sabiendas del peso completo de la impunidad. Satisfecha la etapa de las declarations tronantes sin consecuencia, only hope that the first tragedy of the sea from the tamaño de la anterior. Hasta allá ha llegado el cinismo.

The story is all about misunderstanding, not the real gobiernos, but the generosity, the generosity, the conviction to the partisans to negotiate and agree to a policy of Estiné in the field of politics. o Llguéé a él, to support a viable and viable transgender strategy to make an esophagus and repository with justice, liberty and security. No, anteponen its differences and mandate the diabel to those who represent it is the city.

The cream has become a social phenomenon, complicating the economy, penetrating the politics and deteriorating the peso and the image of the country in the exterior and, at the same time, insisting on hacking it, inclusively, and again hacking it all the time, in Make sure a seria of the state responds to the cream’s desiccation.


The veterans of this are still very much in love with the gobernos and the parts that have been defiled and replaced in the pod, but not the only ones.

It also hurts the society that the cautiver has done to his hog y, pese a la evidencia, only esporádicamente se queja o protesta. Pace al dolor and la rabia, la societad ha sido incapaz de impulse un movimiento sostenido que recupere las calles, plazas y caminos que le pertenes en los quales puivar con segirdat y sin mido, con libertady.

¿Cuántas fosas faltan por excavar antes de sembrar la semilla de la paz?