The mayor of Turin claimed the CFE for the power outage in El Saglo de Turin.

The mayor of Turin, George Zarmino, told the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) on Thursday that in the middle of a rainy day and without any prior notice, a rain street was cut off, a fact that happened yesterday. Then it happened in Orient Industrial. Park

The media questioned during the day, Pointing to the situation, the president said the power cuts were due to “bureaucratic” problems. However, he criticized the government for shutting down electricity only on rainy days and at a time when the population needed municipal equipment from Turin. ۔

“I am very sorry that the Federal Commission does this, on the very day when it rains and in an area we all know needs to be pumped again and this is due to the direction of Plaza Jumbo, we have made a huge investment. , Sometimes being able to check with the Federal Commission that a well is connected and it is ready, all this, this is a strong bureaucracy and this is not what the Federal Commission later said, I’m sorry that the Federal Commission cuts power when needed without informing us.“Without understanding the social problems caused by streetlights.”

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Zermeño Infante clarified that it has already contacted Simas Turin and the relevant municipal offices, the information available as of this Thursday is: The relevant service agreement with CFE has not yet been completed., Although “weird” in the sense that the power cut only happened on a rainy day and when the team has been working for more than a year.

Similarly, he remembered the other episodes in which. The federal company has no concessions to suspend the power of municipal equipment.Including wells, despite the fact that as federal agencies they are exempt from property payments and other partnerships that companies or individuals must make.

“It’s okay, it’s not okay, because SAMAS is not affected, the population is affected and you are affected when you should at least affect it, that is, when there is an emergency, when there is an emergency. Yes, they are the places where water collects the most … The federal government and federal agencies do not pay property fees, no one pays the airport, no federal agency pays property taxes.Nor does the Federal Commission pay us for the thousands of light poles that exist throughout the city. If a private company wants to introduce a gas or telephone network, because it pays the municipality, the Federal Commission pays us something. No, that’s what George Zarmino claimed.


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