The Mets responded to Steve Cohen’s tweet with an extra innings win.

San Francisco – Steve Cohen’s shot. At a young age, there could be a delay in the Mets line-up, which did not reach its players until Wednesday evening.

Hours after the team owner was shocked on Twitter about his “unproductive” hitters, the Mets slammed the B-Bridge until late in the afternoon before showing up late to beat the Giants 6-2 in 12 innings at Oracle Park. Collective belly flops.

Kevin Peller broke Homer’s three-run homer against Tyler Chatwood in the 12th, the Giants’ ninth day of the day, helping the Mets to a five-game losing streak and the 500-run loss to Los Angeles. Reach the mark. Before leaving the West Bank, Walker will face the likes of Bohler, Max Scherzer and David Price.

Cohen tweeted before the game, “It’s hard to understand how professional hitters can be so unproductive.” “The best teams have more discipline. Slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.

Kevin Stone was congratulated by third base coach Gary Darcina after hitting a three-run home run against the San Francisco Giants in the 12th inning.
Kevin Stone was congratulated by third base coach Gary Darcina after hitting a three-run home run against the San Francisco Giants in the 12th inning.
Jeff Chi / AP

Michael Conforto beat RBI’s double in the 11th to give Edwin Diaz a two-scoreless innings. Juris Familia could not take the lead, handing an RBI single to Tommy La Stella who leveled the score at 2-2.

Jack McGee put Pat Alonso on the ninth and Conforto’s upcoming single-pot runners on the corner before JD Davis hit the victim’s fly in the right field to level it 1-1. But the Mets’ rally died down with the help of Brendan Crawford’s brilliant glove work. The Giants shortstop made a diving stop on Dominic Smith’s ground near the second base and turned the ball over with his glove to cover La Stella’s bag for the second out. McGee then dismissed Jonathan Wheeler.

Tyler Miguel gave the Mets six brilliant innings in which he allowed one strike on five hits with six strikes and two walks. It marked the third time this season that the rookie played at least six innings and surrendered a run or less. Miguel, who threw 90 pitches, saw his run fall to 3.21.

The Mets didn’t get the second hit of the game until the holiday, when Brendon Nemo took a single lead. At this point, Alonso’s single counted the Mets’ only hit from the second base hole in the first base. But Jeff McNeil, Alonso and Conforto failed to keep pace with growth, leaving the Mets in a 1-0 hole.

Giants starter Anthony de Scalafani left in the second inning with a right ankle injury, but San Francisco Bilpin held it together until the 12th. Jonathan Wheeler went into the innings before Jose Alvarez picked him up. It was Waller’s seventh pick-up this season, leading the major leagues.

Lamonte Wade Jr. doubled the RBI in the third to give the Giants a 1-0 lead. Alex Dickerson and Wilmer Flores started the rally one after the other before Wade hit a shot inside the foul line in the corner of the left field to bring a run. But with second- and third-place finishers, Miguel avoided further trouble by retiring La Stella before Chris Bryant was killed.


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