The ‘monster’ who killed his mother escaped from prison to save the lives of his four children.

A “monster” who killed his ex-girlfriend while their four children were sleeping in the front door room still has control over their lives from his prison cell. Russell Marsh, 29, has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for brutally stabbing and strangling Jade Ward.

But he is still asking to see the boys’ school reports and attendance notes, and Jade’s family must consult with him before taking the children on vacation. So now the family is running a campaign to make “Jade’s Law” a reality so that other families do not have to go through the pain they are going through.

Jade was just 27 years old when she was brutally assaulted by her ex-husband on August 26 last year. Marsh quickly quit his job and broke into Jade’s house to attack her, simply because he did not want his ex-wife to live without him. Wells Online Report.

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The court was told that Marsh then killed her and hid her body under a pile of clothes. He later told police he had “done something terrible.”

He was jailed for life for at least 25 years in April, and now Jutton fans in Shatton, Flint Shire, are demanding a law in his name that would kill Marsh and the like. Stop talking in your children’s lives. In the UK, being sent to prison does not automatically limit parental responsibility. This can only happen if the other parent takes the imprisoned parent to court or follows a voluntary agreement.

A few weeks after the trial, the family, who are caring for Jade’s four boys, realized that Marsh could still say something about how the children were raised. Jade’s mother, Karen Robinson, said she had been told by social workers that she would have to consult with them first if she wanted to take the children on vacation, and that she had decisions about medical treatment.

Russell Marsh
(Photo: PA)

“It’s all about her control,” Karen said. Is and is controlling us and it is terrible.

“He is in prison, but his presence is still visible. When he snatched his mother, he should have been deprived of any rights.”

“Next Wednesday is Jade’s birthday, her kids can’t give her a birthday kiss. Now they’ve all celebrated without her, no cards from her mother, no birthday hugs, no kisses from her. Not because of the rude father.

“You can’t put into words the extra anxiety and stress that comes with it. That means we still can’t move forward. As Jade’s mother, I know I will never be able to move forward.” With that, my life changed completely. ” That wicked, ugly man, that lunatic is still preventing us from being able to grieve properly. “

Karen added: “Jade was the most caring, loving and supportive person you could ever meet. Not just with family, with everyone. He made a huge impact on everyone who I met him, and I’ve never met anyone with a bad word. Tell me about him.

“She worked at a local co-op, and when she died, one of her clients, whom she had met only a few times, made a bench for her memory garden and stayed up all night. It worked. “

Karen says the family noticed from the beginning that Marsh was a bit strange. “If she ever went out, she would call him all the time to find out what she was doing. I don’t mean that he would be calling three or four times in a row, and if Jade hung up he would start calling her.” Will do, friends, “she explains. “If she was at work, he would often sit in the car outside and watch her. He would call someone at night to take care of the boys so he could sit outside his work, and sometimes he would leave them alone. ۔

0 Family And Friends Of Jade Ward Who Was Murdered By Her Partner And Father Of Her Children Gather
Karen Robinson, mother of Jade Ward
(Photo: Ian Cooper / North Wales Live)

“He also started to make his friends and family feel uncomfortable. He just wanted Jade, and he used the boys as pawns in his sick sport so that he could fit in when and where.” . “

Her mother said that before she was killed, Jade’s life was going very well. Jade and Marsh split on three occasions, but separated after a nine-year relationship last summer.

“No parent should listen to what we heard during the trial,” says Karen. “After 10 years, her life finally came back, but she saw it and thought, ‘How dare you.’ How did you dare to move forward? He entered the house and distorted and stabbed her while her boys were in the next room. And then he stayed at home with his body for four hours, that’s totally wrong.

“But we have to find a way to help others with her death. Jade’s death cannot be in vain and I know she is here with us, pushing us along.”

The family approached Edwin Dogan, a close family friend who is a law graduate, to help with the campaign. It launched a petition seeking the automatic suspension of parental responsibility for any parent found guilty of murdering another parent. See submission Here

The petition had been signed thousands of times in just a few days and now has 120,262 signatures. The government has now responded, acknowledging that existing laws are too “strong”. And last week, family and supporters traveled to London to meet with MPs to discuss the next step.

Eddie said: “When the petition was first published we had 100,000 signatures in 10 days. We were amazed that it ended so quickly, but it shows what a significant issue it is and how many across the UK Families are affected by such problems.

“A lot of people didn’t even realize that the prisoners who killed their comrades still had rights over their children. Marsh didn’t think about the welfare of his children when he killed his mother.” That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

In London, Jade’s family met with Alien and Deside MP Mark Tommy, who arranged a meeting with Shadow Justice Minister Eli Reeves MP to discuss Jade’s law.

The Eliasson MP said: “Meeting Jade’s family and friends and hearing more about her life and love for her children was incredibly moving.

“But despite this tragic incident, the man who killed his children’s mother is still fulfilling his parental responsibility.

“It is inconceivable that bereaved families still have to seek permission from the killer before taking their children abroad or on issues such as the child’s health or schooling. I hope the government will listen to Jade’s family.” ”

Says Mark Tommy: “Introducing the Jade Act would put the killer in a position to go through legal torture to prove that he deserves parental responsibility, rather than to prove to the victim’s family.” Be forced to endure a long and painful legal process for why they do not.

“I support Jade’s family and friends in achieving this goal. I will find out when the government response and debate date on the petition is expected, as well as the petition in the House of Commons chamber in the next few weeks.” Will be introduced.

“We discussed with Shadow Justice Minister Elie Reeves how we can best amend existing legislation or introduce new legislation to make Jade’s law a reality.”

The government’s response to the request is: “The government acknowledges that in cases where one parent is convicted of murdering the other parent, the process of restricting parental responsibility from incarcerated parents takes time.” And it can often be difficult for those involved to respond to court requests, and to attend multiple court hearings on issues related to parental responsibility.

“Under the Children’s Act 1989, the court may already restrict the exercise of parental responsibility by one or more persons, where it is considered in the best interests of the child to do so. Individuals, which can be cumbersome and painful for family members.

“Where there are no parents to look after a child on a daily basis, family members can apply for court orders in private law proceedings, or the local authority may initiate public law custody proceedings. To provide for the child’s upbringing.

“In cases where one parent has been found guilty of killing the other, the responsible local authority will be responsible for protecting the child and ensuring that he or she is safe from harm.”

“Care arrangements may involve family members, such as grandparents, aunts or uncles, who have been given parental responsibility for the child. Alternatively, a local authority may assume parental responsibility for the child. Where the court will consider it in its best interest.

The court may, in appropriate cases, use its pre-emptive powers to effectively terminate all parental powers and authority. It is up to him to decide on the basis of facts.

“Courts can also use their powers to prevent an individual from repeatedly trying to bring issues before the court. Section 91 (14) of the Children’s Act 1989 allows family courts to detain individuals under the Children’s Act 1989. These specific orders are known as section 91 (14) orders.

“The court may make such an order at its own discretion or at the request of one of the parties involved in the private law case.

“Once an order under section 91 (14) has been enacted, if a petitioner later seeks permission to apply for the relevant Children’s Act, the court will generally consider whether to grant the restraining order.” The circumstances that give birth have changed. It provides protection to those who take care of the child. “

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