The Most Important Thing That Will Help You Get More Consistent Referrals

If one of the best ways to grow your business is through referrals (it is), but you don’t have a steady stream of customers, how do you get referrals?

Start with your existing network and thoughtfully introduce yourself to the people who work with your ideal client. Build a good relationship with them so that they feel comfortable and excited to send you referrals. And, when possible, send them value-added introductions and referrals as well.

Create a client experience that makes the person referring them look like a genius while simultaneously giving you 10x the value of the investment your clients make.

Then think what happens? As you serve up a winning experience, word of mouth will spread to both the original referring party and your client. And suddenly, you’ll find that when your solution meets a time of need by someone who’s heard the loud reviews about your offering, they’ll reach out and, many times, buy.

Here’s one thing you didn’t hear me say: Wait for your business to ‘complete’ first. Why? Because getting in on the action gives you a chance to serve, improve, and grow.

Everyone starts out as starters, even the ones you admire the most. Remember this the next time you feel hesitant to take yourself out before you’re ready. If you feel 100% ready, you have waited too long.

What can you do today to get closer to building a profitable referral engine?

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