The most serious problem in Chihuahua

subscribers to 60 issues of proprietary compliments to the resolutions of the superior agrarian The proprietor of the proprietary proprietary interface of the juicier juices, pendents of resolution.

There are already 50 nuclei that are considered definite or some other document of the llamas besicos that implicitly represents the procedure of execution, without which the superficiality that conforms. It decides, with the documents that accredit the superficiality that fue entregada. Asymmetrically, we find ejidos and communities that are not related to the superficial seal in the Presidential Resolution, because there is some impediment to the endowment of jurisprudence, or simply the impossibility of content without compromising the superficial composid.

Existence 25 Conflicts of the Confederates that conform to the policies of the Tierras conceded to the poblados mediante Resolutions Presentations on agrarias agronas, in one of the 26 nucleus agrarias by the sublime

The indefinite geopolitics of the Chihuahua state, with the Sonora state, has created many problems, the 12 nucleus accusations of dotachión and the communion of the common denominators with which we have many problems. Constructive national proprietorship, localized in the state of Sonora that has created insecturia in the tenor of the tierra ambus lados de las entede federativas mencionadas.

The problem of the agrarians in the sierra, in the tiers of the interior of the mosque and basically in the agracolas, is the grave, or that there is no parceladas and the mayor of the mosques and the mayor of the mosques Aceptados parcelados no ha aceptor. The nucleus of the nucleus and the nucleus.

There does not exist a control for the use of superficial packages, which are used in subsistence farming, generating conflicts due to the most susceptible cultivars.

In the case of the Egyptians and the communeros, the pastales and wilderness recurrences are increasing rapidly, but they are used by a number of people, with a lot of people, and there are people who will be able to get rid of their original parameters.

We know that SEDATU is more preoccupied with building houses for other beneficiaries, and not solves the problems that aggravate problems with interdependence. The procedure for regulation of tierras ejidales and / or the prevailing com- munities of Article 56 in relation to the 23 VII, VIII YX of the lera agraria, is supposed to be based on the law of the law of the land of law. Teniéndose an avance sober este rubro del 55.11% de los poblados ubicados en la región tarahumara, habiéndose generado a la fecha 46 mil 25 documents that amparan derechos sobre tierras de loos de entos y delosopientos derechos derechos sobro tier. solo la mitad de los ejidos en la sierra tarahumara.

In this regulation we encounter 221 solicitudes of terrestrial tracts, from which we encounter ventilated windows at various procedures to eliminate the effect of the corresponding expiration of the corresponding title. In the regulation we have some irregular positions debating the various resolutions that degrade the present resolutions, the necessary precautions to take away from the possibilities.

We also encounter this type of position, the indigenous groups that are experiencing the effects of migration through their proprietary conditions, who are suited to an extremely desirable and have no other option than migration.