The mother of the boy killed during a trip to Chicago asked the shooter to surrender.

The mother of a 4-year-old Alabama boy. Stray shot dead As he travels to Chicago, he pleads with his son’s killer to come forward – telling the shooter, “I know it’s tearing you apart.”

Angela Gregg, whose son, Mitchell Moultry Jr., died Sunday, was shot two days later while braiding her hair in her father’s Woodlawn apartment, an emotional plea outside a church on Thursday. The Chicago Sun Times reported..

“Let us relax,” Greg said, showing off his son’s smiling face and wearing a T-shirt. “Give us some kind of peace. Don’t take it away from us either. Don’t take our son and take our peace, like our peace of mind. Like, give us something. You have taken everything.”

Greg said his son was so excited to visit Wendy’s City from his home in Decatur, Alabama, that he kept asking when the plane would arrive so he could start his Labor Day weekend. The pair arrived early Friday, The Chicago Tribune reported..

Michael Moltry Jr. was shot dead while visiting his father in Chicago.
Michael Moltry Jr. died two days after being shot while tying his hair in his father’s apartment.
Family handout.

“He was very happy to be here,” Greg said. “He loved the city.”

Greg wrote in an online fundraiser that he had set up for his son to be shot twice in the head during a drive-by shooting while he was getting his hair done.

Michael Moltry Jr. was shot dead while visiting his father in Chicago.
Mitchell was one of six people shot across Chicago at the end of a Labor Day holiday.
Family handout.

“He lost his innocent life, earning more than 17 17,000 as of Friday,” Greg wrote on the website. “Please donate so we can raise awareness and bring my child to justice.” Please, as her parents, we are begging the world for help.

A Chicago police spokesman told The Post early Friday that no arrests had been made in the ongoing investigation. Anyone with information about the boy’s murder should contact the department directly or provide an anonymous tip.

Police say Mitchell was shot outside his father’s apartment, shattering the front window.

“It’s not clear who fired the shots or where they came from,” Chicago police said in a statement Monday.

Mitchell, also known as “MJ”, was one of six people shot dead at the end of a Labor Day holiday across Chicago. A total of 63 people were injured in the 49 shootings, police said.

The boy was the second 4-year-old in Chicago during the week, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. According to the newspaper, 17 other children under the age of 17 have been shot dead in the city this year.

Mitchell’s father, Michael Moltry Sr., said his promising son was ready to test whether he could drop out this weekend.

“He will never be able to do that,” Moltry said Thursday. “It’s terrible.”

According to the Sun Times, a community worker who joined Mitchell’s parents angrily demanded that the public offer some signals.

“We need to stop people shooting and killing children,” activist Andrew Holmes told a news conference. “Am I my brother’s keeper or am I my brother’s killer?”


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