The municipality organizes a photography competition.

Juarez City Residents of the border are being invited to share their best photos, which deal with the issue of public space in the context of the Cove 19 epidemic, among other categories of civic interest.

Call Municipal Institute for Research and Planning IMIP has launched the Urban Photography Competition in 2021.

He reported that this year the content delivery and awards will be virtual.

The competition is recognized as one of the most important in the region, with the aim of creating the largest collection of photographs on civic issues as well as promoting the city among the community itself.

This time the call will be virtual, for which the photography files will be sent to the email [email protected]

The deadline to send digital photography equipment is November 16.

Organizers will hand out prizes to the winners on Friday the 26th of this month through the digital platform Zoom and Facebook Live at 1pm.

The photography topics of this edition include the following: public space and Cove 19, biodiversity and the environment, as well as urban mobility.

The first three places will receive an award, as well as respectable mentions in each category.

The first place will win 8,000 paise and a full scholarship to study French at the French Alliance for one year, which can be transferable in kind. Second, 5,500 and third, 2,500.

The jury will award 1,000 paise to each honorable mention.

Those interested can find out more at or by calling 656-207-324.

Author: Meczyki

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