The new international plan focuses on drugs, immigrants and weapons.

Mexico City As a result of high-level security talks, the governments of Mexico and the United States set out to address issues such as the effects of drugs on the population, as well as human and arms trafficking.

In a joint statement, the two governments reiterated that they face common issues that need to be addressed jointly.

In this regard, he pointed out that Bicentennial Understanding, a project that will replace the Merida Initiative, establishes a long-term vision for security.

“Mexico and the United States work together to protect their citizens by investing in public health to reduce the impact of drug use, support safe communities, and reduce the number of genocide and high-impact crimes,” he said. Promise to do. ”

“Prevent cross-border crime by reducing travel and trade, reducing arms trafficking, focusing on the illegal supply chain, and reducing human trafficking and trafficking.”

He also vowed to crack down on criminal networks by cracking down on financial operators and strengthening the security and justice sectors.

To this end, the two governments will sign a “Memorandum of Understanding to Reduce the Disadvantages and Consequences of Illicit Drug Use” as well as establish a “Massacre Prevention Network.”

“We declare our support for the current measures and the need to maintain ongoing measures to prevent firearms sold in the United States from reaching Mexico, as well as the financing used through smuggling networks. Announces steps to identify, follow and investigate transportation and communication methods, “he pointed out.

One of the points is to strengthen the Mexican state and federal police so that they can combat, investigate and prosecute the criminal use of firearms.

“And launch additional ballistic laboratories to process more than 80,000 weapons seized in Mexico,” the joint statement said.

“We reaffirm our commitment to increase bilateral cooperation in combating illegal trafficking and human trafficking by international criminal organizations and to prosecute human traffickers on both sides of the border.”

The joint statement was issued just minutes before a press conference chaired by Secretary Marcelo Ebard and his US counterpart Anthony Blinken.

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