The non-vaccinated insurgent seeks probation instead of jail time for some wild reasons.

Bessie appears to be pleading with the court to release him because she is afraid of Covid 19. And as you may have guessed – he has not been vaccinated. Not at all.


From the legal request of Bassi’s defense team:

“Simply put, if Ms. Bassi is incarcerated in DC Prison or BOP, which has seen the deaths of 259 inmates and more than 43,000 infections, she is likely to die of a serious illness or even death.” According to the CDC, if she is infected with the virus, she may need hospitalization, intensive care, and a ventilator. [her] Breathing, or [she] Can die “Certainly, Ms. Bassi has not helped her chances of fighting the virus without a vaccine. But as certain, he does not deserve to die on January 6 because of his bad behavior.

Oh, are Trump fans suddenly listening to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Nice to meet you.

Of course, her lawyers are in favor of one thing: she does not deserve to die on January 6 because of her bad behavior. A shameless Lexplat who would like to see the country turn into a fascist dictatorship that cuts the taxes of the rich and sells the rights to name My Plow, Hobby Lobby and Chick Phil-A Blue State.

More importantly, No one COVID-19 deserves to die in prison, though it is. Too many times Ever since the epidemic began. Often, in fact, you think the first woman who may face a potential prison time is to get vaccinated. I mean, they’re not going to put a big gerbil bottle full of ivermectin in the corner of his cell so he can self-medicate with his favorite snake oil. If you are cowardly 19 and you are afraid. Should Be –Get vaccinated! According to Busi’s lawyers, She is immune. Which, of course, is the biggest reason. Get the damn vaccine!

But if that was the only grip of the bus, I wouldn’t be impressing my underdogs with laughter right now. There’s more, logo.

Bessie claims she’s getting “away”, so probation is enough, I guess? Hasn’t he already suffered more than anyone in the history of the Bumblebee Uprising?


[Bissey’s public defender A.J.] Kramer says the probation period is “fair and equitable, considering the serious consequences Ms. Bessie has suffered as a result of her January 6 participation.”

“Since her arrest in February, Ms. Bassi has been convicted on the street and her business has been shut down,” Kramer said.

NBC4 Washington investigative reporter Scott McFarlane has been tracking the case.


Abandoned Just to try to overthrow the government violently? Let’s go Donald Trump is far from it. Why not I mean, their skin color is the same!

in a sense …

TOP SHOT - US President Donald Trump addresses the third day of the annual G7 Summit on August 26, 2019 during a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Biartz, southwestern France.  (Photo by Nicholas Com / AFP) (Photo credit should read Nicholas Com / AFP / Getty Images)
“Is he taking spray tan at the home depot now? Jesus Christ, man.”

Trump fans are now learning that someone’s illegal actions have consequences. Probably because so far, anyway, the results that Trump is facing ideologically have failed to materialize in any meaningful way.

Hopefully that will change. But for now, we can comfort ourselves with this welcome little doll.

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