The old mobile phones we still hang around with – and why we miss using them

These days a mobile phone can do everything from video calling and film shooting to paying bills and finding your way around town. Much of this was unthinkable, back when the Internet on mobile phones was limited to those extremely basic WAP websites, their cameras – if they had them – were notoriously terrible, and screens were sometimes much more than a pocket calculator. were no better. ,

However, new research has shown that people in the UK still have great fond memories for older handsets, with older mobiles holding 3 out of 5.

A Sky Mobile study of 2,000 adults found a great deal of love for sticking to brands that were never ubiquitous, as were 36 percent of Nokia device owners hanging on to older phones, and 15 percent Motorola. The once flagship BlackBerry has a 9 percent stake.

Samsung, which still has a sizable market share in the UK, topped the poll with 37 per cent, although perhaps some of them are below the Korean brand’s iconic pre-Android handsets from the past, such as the fan-favorite flip phone S300. Were. 2003, or those trendy slider devices like the D900.

There was something satisfying about answering calls and hanging up on a flip phone
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However, there are many device back-ups being kept in drawers, should bad happen with our precious and very expensive smartphones. In fact, 31 percent admitted to keeping older iPhones, although anything prior to the iPhone 6 being a ‘vintage’ device is no longer offering updates, so possibly either for nostalgia or emergency calls. Will happen.

The biggest answer to why people have such fond feelings for old phones was, of course, long battery life with 29 percent of Brits choosing it as the main thing they remember. Those too young to remember the beloved Nokia 3310 of 2000 may be shocked to learn of its standby battery life of up to 11 days – unimaginable on a smartphone.

Although today’s devices are full of the latest innovations, they are all a bit ‘alike’ in appearance, a far cry from the funky phones of the past that flip, slide and swivel, or even a proper physical keyboard. Huh. In fact, 12 percent said that the satisfying ‘flip’ when you answered a call or called on a clamshell device was a feature they missed, while 16 percent said they particularly liked the simplicity of old-school devices. Don’t miss out on 200+ apps to grab your attention with endless notifications.

Snake Is One Of The Most Missed Features Of The Old Days Of Mobile Phones
Snake is one of the most missed features of the old days of mobile phones

Meanwhile, 11 percent mostly missed out on classic games on older devices — such as the famous Snake — and 11 percent had fond memories of sharing ringtones for free with friends via infrared or Bluetooth. Who can forget to make ringtone on old Nokia too?

With the increasing support the latest smartphones can provide us, it has also made us rely on simple features like a contact list. Only half of Britons admitted to knowing at least one phone number by heart, yet more than half (57 percent) would always remember a phone number from their youth – whether it was a parent’s landline or their old one. best friends.

Sky Mobile’s Managing Director Paul Sweeney commented: “It’s fascinating how many of us Brits are nostalgic for our retro devices, but we know there’s something exciting about the moment you take a look at the latest handset packed with new features. At Sky Mobile we make it easy for you to get the latest smartphone anytime – plus save some money when you swap out your old one.”

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