The One Thing Ryan Reynolds Says Hollywood Taught Him About Business Marketing: Storytelling

The industry’s intense focus on storytelling is the industry’s intense focus on storytelling, along with royalty checks that will continue to be a gift from actor Ryan Reynolds’ time in Hollywood.

recently Interview with Washington Post Deputy business editor Damien Palette, Reynolds, called Hollywood’s ability to cross reality with story “the greatest legal drug on earth” and said it was transferable to marketing.

“Are you talking about the unpredictable nature of sports, the low-cost wireless, gin, connected TV marketing,” he said, “the connective tissue between each of those things is really, ironically, a lot of storytelling. The way is with films.”

And he should know. After selling the brand to Diageo, Reynolds retained a stake in Aviation Gin. $610 million in 2020, And he co-owns Wrexham Football Club, which he bought in 2021 with actor Rob McElhenney. He also serves as the co-owner of Mint Mobile, a budget wireless company and co-founder of Maximum Effort, a marketing agency that recently merged with MNTN.

In all of his businesses, Reynolds uses storytelling as a lens to bring relativity to brand marketing. Reynolds said, “I didn’t invent gin, I didn’t invent low-cost wireless. You know, these are companies that have tremendous potential. And, you know, what really needs to be awareness.”

Hollywood throws big budgets at directors, but it doesn’t always happen — and your true creativity can shine through in those moments, he said. “I love odds, you know, I like to do more with less. It forces your imagination to expand, it forces you to tell stories in different ways. It’s a reason That’s what I love working with small and medium-sized businesses… there’s so much more story to tell when you’re forced to do more for so little,” he said.

Perhaps for the odds, Reynolds frequently appears in the commercials he creates for his companies, as well as helping to write and creatively direct them. He called Steve-O from Jackass a . cast in new ad For example, David Beckham in a Deadpool commercial for MNTN’s television marketing program, and his own mother in an Aviation Gin ad.

And after successfully marketing the Deadpool movies, he gave Hollywood a solid look, breaking the record for the biggest R-rated opening weekend with the 2016 debut of the series.

“Everything we do is really [out of] Need… Sometimes we are working very fast, working with limited budget, but we are also accepting the cultural landscape and playing with it. So, a big part of what we do is we try to create marketing that is moving at the same pace as the culture.”

Not every business owner is also a Hollywood star, but Reynolds said brands — especially smaller ones — can achieve great marketing by aligning their messaging and ads around culture.

Enterprise brands plot messaging in nine to 10 months, he said, but smaller companies that are not bureaucratic can act faster, respond to changes in culture with greater agility. “I don’t know if you’re going to be as effective when you’re moving at the same pace as the culture,” Reynolds said.

So how do you signal a change? “It’s always the case that one person or several people who put out a tweet that, as you know, is liked by 10 million people, that encapsulates everyone’s sentiment about the moment. Now if you You can add production to that and do so at relatively the same speed as someone asking to tweet it, your brand becomes the conversation,” Reynolds said. Exhibit A, below.