The organization proposes a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage – El Financiero

Citizen Action Against Poverty presented to the National Minimum Wages Commission (Conasami) the request to increase the current minimum wage from 141.7 pesos per day to 185.2 pesos per day.

All this would mean an increase of 35 pesos as part of the independent recycling amount, plus the annual inflation for the products in the base basket, which is expected to be at least 6 or 7 percent.

“A significant increase in the minimum wage of about 45 pesos is necessary in the face of poverty. It has already been proven that there are no negative effects, as the formula is proven. The increase for 2022 would be like 30 percent, but it only applies to the minimum wage.” explained Rogelio Gómez Hermosillo, coordinator of Frente a la Pobreza.

Do not be fooled or confused, it is not a “generalized” increase in wages. It is already clear that the adjustment to the minimum wage in Mexico has no effect on macroeconomic variables, such as inflation; and on the other hand, it is important to reduce poverty in working life, ”he explained.

The poor front presented in its release that about 61 percent of salaried Mexicans do not earn enough to meet the poverty line.

“The purpose of the gradual recovery is to reach the minimum wage at the end of the current six-year period, which is equivalent to the cost of two necessary baskets for a family of four with two income earners, which is the average for Mexican families,” it said in a statement.

“The results of the National Occupation and Employment Survey (ENOE) and the Measurement of Poverty in Mexico 2021 show that the root of Mexico’s poverty lies in precarious employment, characterized by low wage incomes and a lack of access to social security.” , sa de.

From 25 November, Conasami will start the debate in order to be able to make the approvals they deem necessary in the minimum wage for 2022.


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