The peanut that almost removed Chabelo’s “immortality” – El Financiero

Xavier Lopez, better recognized as Chabelo, he said to the driver Yordi Pink that clinically dead twice, even if they could on both occasions revive him in the hospital.

The nickname ‘friend of all children’ has been topic for memes on social media in recent years due to associated with a kind of “immortality” And every time a famous adult dies, the actor off 86 years, an icon on national television.

As part of your program At night, everything happens to Yordi Rosado, the driver was accompanied by Alexis Ayala and Lolita Cortés in a lecture on Mexican faith. In this context, Rosado took up near-death experiences shared by Chabelo in a radio program.

“Chabelo He’s died twice for real, he told me, ”He began to say to the laughter of those present. “Chabelo had a clinical death for, in the past, when there were no things from the United States in Mexico, there were some very famous peanutsIt was like taking them from fayuca, they were closed to the high vacuum. he ate one with a jar that was open and it was spoiled. There are people who have very special problems with peanuts, because they ate peanuts, He literally sent him to the screen, came to the hospital and died. They revived him and gave him a lot of cannon injection that they can not put you back again, he added.

Although he assured that he does not know the reason why Chabelo returned to the hospital in a critical condition, Yordi expressed that hee gave the same injection a second time, causing a new clinical death.

“I asked him and what do you see? He said, do you want me to tell you exactly what? He said to me: ‘both times what I see when I’m going to die is a ring of light like the one in the movie Call‘identical’. In fact, when the film came out (he) saw the poster and it scared him, he could not turn around to see it “, he said to the actors’ mockery.


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