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The periodicals we give to the lecturers. We work for the lecturers.

Muchas veces, nuestra tarea, es actuar como observadores de la realidad ya se en la comuna, observing the work of the authority or the work of the empire.

Jürgen Habermas, philosopher and principal impulsor of deliberate democracy, created a model. L Model de Hebermas.

In this model there are three spheres of influence. La Comunidad, La Autoridad and El Mercado.

The public relations between the two sides, as in all, exist in deliberate democracy, support for a normative model (leyes y reglamentos) which allowed the adoption of a collective process of decision making, with the active participation of all those potentially affected by tales decisions, and which was based on the principle of deliberation.

This implicit argument and public discussion of the various propositions and accusations made by one of the protagonists.

In this case, they would like to have a public opinion, all of them present multiple opinions about the accusations that led them to different actors.

Nevertheless, tomar an accusation or renciar a tomar acción, it has an effect that multiplies when “aterriza” in distant caps of the community.

The formal interaction, or catechism, of the three spheres -communidad, authoritarianism, empire-form public opinion.

When the community is ignorant, your opinion is so full of social caps, like the humor in a pared, that for the sake of aspirations there is a columns of concreto.

The mercado can ignore the commodity, but the authority cannot ignore the mercado and the effect of the commodity.

Actually the mercado is a causal. This is the only way to get the most out of the community. We are at the base of the pyramid and the first to be resuscitated is the needlessness of the polarization: the agua and the certification is what is due at these moments.

There are segments of the community that are more vulnerable than others, people mayors, for example, their children too.

Utilize these problems to address the personal popularity of the immortal, as como lucrar with the care of the community.

At this moment the communicative lous inerme ante indiferencia de ambas esferas de poder: the mercado and the authoritarian.

Some abortions, the tie-dots of the esquina, approve of the opportunity to receive an extra gift. It sells a lot of books, made of plastic, at its peak and its liquid at $ 60 pesos.

He was using the garlands, the plastic, to transport the agua de lalave. A las cuatro de la mañana ya hay largas filas de personas esperando que llegue el agua. This is looking at the municipality of Guadalupe and other municipalities.

This is the reality, which sometimes does not coincide with the data that exhibits.

I want to make sure that everyone is looking for the best solution to this crisis.

If the extension is too much for this new Nuevo León, then we will receive calls and messages from other families to ask if we are still and how we are resolving this concern.

Existence of solidarity, the young men help the carpenters with the garlands that the people may wish. The person who regrouped with a balde de agua. We recognize that we will depend on the agua, but we will learn the lesson.

It also passed, with the help of the empires, the vecinos and friends, and the authority.

The proprietor, Bonafón reunited his 16-year-old distribution, very grateful.

Mentingamos la espranza. Hasta la proxima.

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