The raiders will replace them with bears.

Home teams in CAPS.

Readers (-5.5) on the bear.

Catching lions away from Ford Field is a relatively soft duty, and the Bears and Justin Fields took full advantage last week. It won’t be easy, especially with this backward person to hop from Lake Michigan to Southern Nevada. There is a tendency to have your best team at your fingertips early in the season before you fail to retain John Groden. Key Bear RB David Montgomery figures with a month or so to his knees.

Above the Falcons (-3) Jets (in London)

Starting at 9:30 a.m. EDT, the result could largely depend on whether Matt Ryan can take a big enough lead to stop another Zac Wilson fourth-quarter rally. A close call, with Wide Out Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage Plus Quality Corner AJ Terrell on edge for a favorite.

Giants (+7) more than COBBOYS.

Big Blue must be given a purpose, as a result of continuous efforts that won the OT on the name brand Saints in the Super Dome last week. It may be a good deal to ask, but the clean road has been the Dodge Giants’ best character. Kenny Golade’s return to health is a major benefit.

Bungalows on Packers (+3).

There’s clearly no Sanch – but second-year Cincinnati Signal caller Joe Boro is older than his years, and Packers QB Aaron Rogers, in a non-conference road affair hundreds of miles from Lambio, is unsure. With three game road trips on deck, Sensei is eager to make the most of the opportunity.

Derek Carr.
Derek Carr and the raider will take care of the bears on Sunday.
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Vikings (-9) on lions.

Detroit’s Red Zone crime was cleared in three consecutive attacks inside Chicago’s 10 yard line during last week’s attack. There is a 65-year history of lions on the road.

Steelers (-1) on the Broncos.

There’s no interest in getting too excited here, but Denver has tried to settle for field goals after finding endless frustration with the offensive tactics deployed in the red zone. Under (39.5) could be another viable option, even Denver QB Teddy Bridgewater should come back to its troubles.

Dolphins (+10) on bikiners.

In an earlier match, Tampa Bay strangled the defenseless Falcons. Brady doesn’t have to do his best to keep this enemy safe, which is a possible close call, despite the talent difference, with Jacob Brassett and a dubious Dolphin defense at QB.

Washington on saints (+1.5).

The football team took advantage of another Falcons last week, who were late in the game. Still, QB Taylor Hannick is performing well for the hosts, and the visitors are injured and clearly out of their best form.

Sam Darnell.

Panthers over the Eagles (-3).

It took Dallas time to finally make a loss to Carolina this season. Facing Philadelphia should help Carolina QB Sam Darnold return to better form, including reducing obstacles. Eagles need to be healthy.

Jaguars on the Titans (+4.5).

Tennessee has shown realistic measure of improvement, but has difficulty keeping enemies at bay. Oneless jaguars seem to retain their covering capability inside the key heads offered by the market.

Patriotism (-9.5) more than Texans.

Even the lesser version of the Pats we’ve seen of late should prove to be more than a decent car from New England so that the Texans can take advantage of the significant and lasting advantage they are gaining defensively. Backup Texans QB Davis Mills was 21 for 11 by air last week, with four picks.

Charger over Browns (-2.5).

Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield’s left (non-throwing) torn shoulder affected right limb is in critical condition. The Browns are a secondary option under the Case Canom Center. Cleveland’s brilliant “D” must reach the level of bravery to prevail.

49ers (+5) over cardinals.

The pressure on the undefeated side has begun to intensify this week. The Cardinals will be the Exhibit A, as the only unbeaten league in existence stands. As a result of Jimmy Garopolo’s injured calf, San Francisco announced Friday that the rogue QB Tree Lance will get the start.

Bill on CHIEFS (+3).

Sunday night’s game has a close-knit effect, with the once-powerful KC holding his nails in the AFC West – behind the Broncos, the Chargers and the Raiders who won’t go quietly. The bills have a strong motive for revenge to get out of last year’s playoff party early.


Revenge (-6.5) above Colts.

Indianapolis finally broke the victory column with a professional victory in Miami last week, but this year’s Dolphin Model did not perform significantly. At a reasonable price, as they have been for a long time, Coe should make the most of it.

Previous Week: 9-6. Weather: 32-28.


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