The rail strike will continue as Shapps accuses it of “ruining” the talks.


At the center of a bitter dispute over jobs, salaries and conditions, a fresh strike by union workers on Thursday will continue, with the transport secretary accused of “ruining” the talks.

Talks were held on Wednesday between Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), Network Rail and Rail operators to break the deadlock.

But no progress was made, RMT criticized Transport Secretary Grant Shapes.

RMT General Secretary McLinch said: “Grant Shapps has ruined the negotiations by not allowing Network Rail to withdraw its letter threatening to dismiss its 2,900 members.

“Unless the government shuts down network rail and train operating companies, it will not be possible to reach a negotiated settlement.

“We will continue our industrial campaign until we find a negotiated settlement that provides job security and increases the salaries of our members to deal with the rising cost of living. Works for. “

Network Rail’s RMT members and 13 train operators will walk out on Thursday after stopping on Tuesday, affecting large parts of the rail network.

About 60% of services run on Wednesday because it took trains and staff time to reach the depot after the walkout.

Some services will be closed from Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, members of the Aslif Drivers’ Union in Greater England will go on strike on Thursday in a separate dispute over pay.

The company, which is also embroiled in the RMT controversy, advised passengers to travel if necessary.

– The Transport Sailor Staff Association (TSSA) has announced that its members at Mercier have accepted a 7.1% salary offer.

We are available to communicate – day or night – and will do our best to avoid further disruption to our passengers.

General Secretary Manuel Courts said: “What this clearly shows is that our union, and the sister union, is by no means an obstacle to finding the solution we need to avoid a climate of dissatisfaction on the railways.

Rather, it is the government that intends to dig into its heels. It would be wise for the grant shops to start talking seriously to their union as we vote for industrial action on the ground above and below our railways.

A spokesman for Rail Delivery Group said: “We are very disappointed that the RMT leadership has decided to go ahead with tomorrow’s strikes. He is determined to make a fair deal on his salary without taking more than his share.

“We can only achieve this by making improvements – such as offering better services on Sundays – reflecting the changing needs of passengers so that we can go further. We urge the RMT leadership to keep talking so that We can secure a developing long-term future for the railways and its manpower.

“Our advice to passengers is the same, travel by train only if absolutely necessary, check before traveling and make sure you know the time of your first and last trains.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We are disappointed that RMT has once again chosen to withdraw from negotiations without agreeing to an agreement. We will do our best to avoid further obstruction.

“As a result of this unnecessary and premature strike, tomorrow’s train services will look exactly as they did on Tuesday – starting early in the morning and very early in the evening (around 6.30 pm).

“We are asking passengers to please check before traveling, keep track of when your last available train is departing, and only travel by train if necessary.”

It is clear to us that the government and the train companies are really only insulting those who risked their lives to move this country forward during the code.

Aslef’s general secretary, McWhalen, said of the Greater England strike: “Strike is always a last resort, but the salaries of many of our members have not been increased since 2019. Will fight. Pension of our members

“Train companies are doing very well, thankfully, outside the UK Railways – with beautiful profits, profits for shareholders, and huge salaries for managers – and train drivers are not willing to work for less.” Are

“We are being lied to by the government like other rail unions. Companies are saying that their hands are tied by the government and Grant Shapes is saying that it is up to the employers.

“Well, why should we subsidize private companies that made money when there was no increase in our salaries and now make money from so-called ‘modernity’, which is just another lie.

“They want us to give ‘productivity’ to their shareholders to help keep them profitable. Risk your life to keep the medicine.