The recovery from covid infections in the United States casts doubt on Christmas parties

USA live a significant increase in covid-smitta and many are already hesitant to celebrate Christmas or next 31 December.

In the spring of this year, Pauline Criel and her nephew discussed a meeting for Thanksgiving Day in her home near Detroit after painful months of covid-pandemic confinement.

But the virus had a different plan. Michigan is now the country’s hotbed of infection. Hospitals are flooded with sick people and schools are reducing classes in person. A recurrent virus has increased infections in the United States to about 95,000 per day, hospitals in Minnesota, Colorado and Arizona are also under pressure and health authorities are asking the unvaccinated population not to travel.

The party off Criel’s family was shut down. Now she’s frying a turkey and making a Watergate salad with pistachios – an annual tradition – just for herself, her husband and their two children.

I will put on comfortable clothes and eat a lot, and no one will care, he said.

Your situation reflects The Thanksgiving dilemma meets families across the United States at a time when gatherings are marked by the same coronavirus and political debates that consume other issues.

As they gather to share turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie, families are faced with a list of questions: Will they be able to hold large gatherings again? Will they even be able to meet? Should they invite unvaccinated family members? Should guests demand a negative test result from the guests before letting them sit at the table or give them a seat on the couch for an afternoon of football?

I know it may be an exaggeration not to share Thanksgiving here with my nephews, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? ”Said Criel, 58, a finance firm.

Jocelyn Ragusin, an accountant from Littleton, Colorado, has chosen to prioritize family time over covid problems during a period when orders to wear masks have been issued due to the increased number of cases and the saturation of hospitals in the Denver area this week. Ragusin, whose husband was infected with the virus and spent four days in the intensive care unit in October 2020, said she was willing to accept a certain level of risk in order to feel a certain community again.

He said that about seven or eight members of him the family will gather for the celebration and that the group has not discussed their vaccination status, partly because they “somehow know” in advance who has been vaccinated and who has had the virus.



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