The Red Cross will launch a national campaign to promote hand washing.

The Mexican Red Cross will launch a national campaign to promote proper hand washing for girls and boys between the ages of eight and 25.

Within the framework of World Handwashing Day, which is celebrated on October 15, Fatima de Leon Acosta, the organization’s national youth coordinator, pointed out that strengthening healthy habits, preventing infections and making hands accessible It is important to learn the correct way to wash. In particular, the Cove 19 epidemic is still rampant in Mexico and around the world.

Proper hand washing is essential for the prevention and spread of Covid 19. We must remember that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can enter the hands, has a great impact on the right hand washing intervention to eradicate the disease which has caused a lot of harm to people.

The campaign, developed by the Mexican Red Cross for youth, will be conducted in virtual and face-to-face ways to benefit more than 50,000 people.

And with the aim of more accurately linking the issue of hand washing and drawing the attention of the children’s sector, the Red Cross intends to use a training system between “peers” with girls, boys and young volunteers, for eight years. At the age of, they are ready to provide information aimed at children and adolescents their age.



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