The reigning leaders of France, Germany and Italy with the President of Ukraine

Kyiv.- The leaders of France, Germany and Italy have reunited with the President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. The visit was created when aumantan las dudas about the European Europe and Ukraine and when Zelensky pied armas more pesadas to compensate for the sale of artillery of Moscow.

The President Emmanuel Macron de Francia, the chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy, will never forget a series of European leaders who are still waiting for the capital, Kiev, with the prodigies of the farid country. The Secretary of State Estadounidense, Antony J. Blinken, and the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III, realized the message in April.

From the Kiev, Macron said that he and the other two lords want to bring a “message of unity” to the old Ukrainian,

The mediation that led to the visit, a diplomatic franchise from Russia to Russia that reunited all the territories of Ukraine, including the Crimean peninsula, was included. The declaration of the tenor of the contradictions of the critiques that Macron establishes presents the Zelensky to participate in the conversations of a mediator that aumentan the precautionary measures against the cost of contracts in Europe. The function also states that the correspondence between Zelensky and definite could be a military victory for Ukraine.

The European leaders also met with the President, Klaus Iohannis de Romania, a Irpin, a suburb of Kiev Donde to investigate the news of the atrocities committed by the Russians during the war. Scholaz lamentó la destrucción que está causando la guerra y dijo en Irpin: “Es aún peor cuando ves cuán terrible y sin sentido es la violetcia que estamos viendo aquí”.

Russia discards its visit as a vacuum symbol. Dmitry A. Medvedev, the Russian president who is the vice president of the Security Council of President Vladimir V. Putin, discouraged these jokes from the European leaders as “the connoisseurs of Europe, the king of the country”.

Los líderes europeos llegaron a Kiev después de semanas de relativa calma en la ciudad. But the UN recordatorio de la amenaza de los ataques con misiles de largo alcance, que han amenazado a la ciudad de vez en cuando durante meses, llegó apenas unas horas después de la visita cuando sonó una sirena de ataque areoés.

The pedagogy of Ukraine for most armies has been much more urgent in the last few days to mediate that fuerzas rusas will lose control over the Oriental region of Donbas. But the guerrilla plant has many more questions for the European Europeans to debate the best maneuver of the apocalypse and one of the reasons that the mayor invites the continent from the second Guerra Mundial.

For now, the response has been that the military has come to Kiev and has imposed sanctions against Putin and many of his accusers. The ideas of the European Union are also trying to reduce its dependence on Russian energy.

At the same time, the European leaders were obliged to meet with the great conscience of the invocation: augmentation of the precision of energy and inflection, a crisis of the elemental world at the end of the day. Ukraine and the Exodus of millions of refugiadians from Ukraine

At the end of this month, the European Union also decided that Ukraine would lose its candidate status in the prolonged search of the country for the bloc.