The Reputation of the United States and Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan – Meczyki

Many factors influenced the decision to send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, high-priority economic issues, such as the fact that this Asian nation is one of the principal producers of chips and semiconductors linked to the state of semiconductors. The recent shortage of chips turns Taiwan into a key partner for Americans, whose production of technological articles, ranging from cell phones to cars and airplanes, depends on these inputs.

Another important factor is maintaining the international leadership of the United States, sobretodo now that there is talk of a change in the poles of world power, where Russia and China have taken advantage of the post-Covid crisis to increase their influence at the world level, both of them. They have just announced the creation of a “new global backup currency” that seeks to replace, or at least restore, the hegemony of the American dollar as a reserve currency for different nations. Entre los interesados ​​ya están Brasil, India, South Africa e incluso algunas arabes nations, aunque por ahora la que verdaderamente respaladará este experimentería sería la economia china. A Russia suits this scenario of chaos and the alliance with China, because it does not have the economic means to confront the Americans, but it has the military potential to threaten its European allies, because of the invasion. invasion. important role in destroying the reputation of the United States as a global leader.

Finally, the mid-term elections in the United States are the other factor that made the visit a convenient event for the current North American government. In the last few months, it has been observed the fall in the image of President Joe Biden driven by high inflation, the possible entry into economic recession and the constant mockery of his detractors who paint him as a weak president (80 years old). All this has left strength to the democratic candidates for the election of this year and complicates the re-election in 2024, because it was necessary to give an image of unity, power and strength, with the idea of ​​supporting it. El viaje de Pelosi is a direct challenge to China and fulfills its objectives of demonstrating to the world that they continue to be a power in all regions of the planet. Aún nos falta conocer en los hechos cual será la verdadera reacción de China ante este hecho más allá de sus amenazas de “no jugar con fuego”.

A los mócratas les está costando trabajo encontrar una bandera lo suficiente fuerte para mantener sus numbers en el congresso, until now they had used the theme of abortion due to the changes in “Roe vs. Donald wadelas contrayes special demand”, which participated in the taking of Capitolio, as well as attempts to regulate weapons in the territory of the EU, and the invasion of Russia in Ukraine. sin embargo, la sociedad americana está muy polarizada, por lo que es difícil encontrar un tema que una a las masas e incline a los indecisos por un partido u otro; The war has been many times the solution to this problem.

Effectively we encounter a moment of change in the global powers, where the United States tries to defend it Old System Que supone su global hegemony both economic and technological como military, facing China, which has enormous power and influence in these same areas and pretends to increase its reach. ¿Hasta dónde se aventurarán los chinos? Si algo nos ha enseñado la historia es que los grandes regímenes no tienen llenadera y se aventurarán until donde les permitan llegar.

The upcoming elections in our northern neighbor and above all the presidential election of 2024 are fundamental in this geopolitical game. If a President like Donald Trump comes to the White House, who is very close to Russia, who is away from his natural allies like NATO, and whose policy is privileging domestic issues, he will be de facto at the global level. cediendo terreno a los intereses chino-rusos.

También vale la pena preguntarnos ¿qué há México ante estos escenarios? ¿Mantendrá su alianza económica con nuestro principal socio comercial o empezará a dinamitar nuestros tratados y apostará por la influence china? Our enormous border with the United States makes us a fundamental country in this game.