The Saltillo area provides legal advice to Haitians who wish to stay in the country.

Frontier, COAH-Bishop. Hilary Gonzalez Garcia Reported that The area of ​​Saltillo. Helping Haitian immigrants who live in the church. The word avatar of Frontier City., Some of them have expressed concern about being regularized and stabilized. کوہویلا۔, Others will continue their journey. United States.

At a press conference where he was accompanied. Guillermo Martنیnez, Lawyer AreaIn addition to other pastors. مونکلوواIt was informed that he is going to provide legal advice to a few people who want to live in this state, so that they do not have to worry about the authorities and can progress legally in the society.

They are close 6 out of 53 immigrants. Who showed up Members of the Catholic Church His intentions, while a team was formed to support him.

“Faced with this emergency, this pastoral service for immigrants, this team of pastors and dignitaries and the whole community was formed to help them. There are four functions in the Catholic Church that help us immigrants and Encourage refugees to be treated, welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated with the help of God and society as a whole..

Immigrants have been informed about them. Rights And their doubts Stay in the area.

Are 53 RefugeesYes, between them 15 children from 2 months to 7 years. Old, all of them are kept in the church. Avatar word in border.It was clarified that the wall is up, in which case there is no more room to receive people.

The cooperation of the population was requested regarding the donations of Food and clothing, Which are important. Articles Which the Haitians need.

“They are people like us who want to make a living, to develop fully, who are in this personal situation if they are going through or if they are living, we are going to start the process of legal advice. “Talk to the community, talk to the authorities,” he said. The area of ​​Saltillo..


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