The Saltillo-Monterrey Highway will be one of the most modern and safest in Mexico

To improve roadside assistance and safety of motorists in times of adverse weather, the dealer of Monterrey-Saltillo Highway (CAMS) invested 914 million pesos in expanding its Intelligent transport system, which has from thermal cameras to weather stations and LED luminaires.

In a process of rebuilding and modernizing to improve the experience for its users, the work and placement of technology was performed by an investment of 914 million pesos, thereby reiterating the concessionaire’s commitment to the development of state – of – the – art infrastructure, the company explained.

The purpose of increasing the capacity of Intelligent transport system on the Monterrey-Saltillo motorway is to incorporate technology to improve safety conditions and provide assistance to users in a more flexible way in risk situations.

It is enough to remember that the highway during the winter and other times of the year has had to be closed to traffic due to fog banks obstructing traffic. visibility.

Now the highway has 55 surveillance cameras permanently throughout the trip, there are also 5 thermal cameras, which facilitates the placement of vehicles in poor visibility conditions (fog).

On the route Saltillo-Monterrey there are six speed detection radar to inform drivers at what speed they must circulate during unforeseen events.

The highway has 19 new electronic panels and now adds a total of 26 throughout the route to communicate messages to motorists in real time to alert them and make timely decisions.

The new system has six new mobile barrier windows to facilitate emergency maneuvers in addition to accidents, in addition to installing three meteorological stations to predict weather conditions and four Visibility meter to detect visibility on the highway below fog.

On the Nuevo León side, a section of eight kilometers of luminaires and three kilometers of LED luminaires were installed embedded in the pavement for safer driving.

Four emergency ramps were added and there are now five in total, as well as two dynamic weighing stations, which can detect weight without interrupting the flow.

In addition, the Traffic Control Center was renewed, which integrates an intelligent system that makes it possible to anticipate safety risks, detect and manage, in real time, possible incidents and provide immediate assistance with the Ecotrafix Traffic Management System.

The work includes the expansion of the toll stations that increase the operating capacity in eight lanes, with which there are now 38 lanes in the state-of-the-art toll system.


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