The SAT converts a Lobo Feroz to a Zorro Intelligent, Strategic and Pacific – The Financiero

Established lectures, this is a plan of continuous continuity from November 2006 and as its number indicates its objection is a transcendental method to declare the contributors and declare the value of the imprint. From the serial of the series of serials and pagans this is the contribution of Tributary contributors (SAT) given its objection to being like a lobo ferocious cajador of contributors and obliging the pagar impuisos to convert it into what is now, a very intelligent, strategic. y paciente, para que de paloso ent et entregico y paciente, para que de paloso entre et et et et et ent et et et et et et et et entreit poco margen a la evisión, elusión y planación fiscal utilizada por los grandes contribuyentes.

Therefore, applying digital hermes as fundamental to CFDI (Computational Fiscal Digital for Internet), the Electronic Compatibility, the Electronic Auditorium and the Tributary Business, in other words, from the SAT to the denominated robot. , Artificial (IA) that has become the crucible of information and detection has the most differentiated differences due to errors or inconveniences in the generation, determination and payment of contributions.

In this form, utilizing even more simplification methods, configuration, auto fiscalization and inclusive herramimentas of internationalization, the logarithmic organization has met objectively.

This is a strategic partnership based on the principles of arduous, efficacious, efficacious and practical for those who are in a position to conform to the terms of the agreement. In the case of the implants of the manera of the manera that the SAT has transmitted to the administration of the cargo, tanto de determinationi and pago de impuestos as of its fiscalisation, it has no information about its pricing. de logrado de logrado de logrado y las declaraciionn anules de los contributentes, cambiando su una fiscalización direct an en domicilio de los contributentes a una actividad de solo hacer comparables su paramertos previamente determinado de contra declao determined

Actually, the composition of the contributors in Mexico is integrated into the maneuver of the manera (although they are approximated);

· Sueldos y Salarios: 46 million contributors

ٹی Activities Empressarius U Otters for Personal Financial Institutions: 12.5 Million Contributors

· Personas Morales: 2.5 million contributions

· Physicians without obligations without being part of the economic process: 19 million contributors

A total of 80 million contributors. Other data are relevant that can be found beta los siguientes de los 2.5 million de contributors de Personas Morales, or that only 12 million are major contributors and 100 million continents in the regimental de locientosromilles de locientosorados en el régimeran de. Passage in automotive and manera obligatoria al conf regimenza regime and simplification to the part of 2022.

The physicists who have received 12.5 million contributors, only 2 million 500 million physicists contributors with more than 3.5 million angles annules and tributes to their regulatory annuities and tribute of over 1,00,000 00,000 contributors will receive 3.5 million annuities annually for the part of this group which will be supported by its voluntary system of configuration and simplification by 2022.

In Mexico the recapitation of approximated annuals is 3.3 billion pounds of the quail’s only 12 million major contributors since the 52 per cent of total recuperation. And the asalariados from the logarithm of the 25-foot canto.

Considering that a total of more morales excluding major contributors from the 21-year-olds and the latest fictionalizations with less than 3.5 million people at the age of just 3 years ago

As we have seen, the fisherman has made it possible for us to have a stable strategy for one of the sectors, but we are not able to combine it with the imprints of the other. There are no obligations for the fisherman to do.

So for some of the e-mails of these strategies, which are more complimentary to the larger contributors to stable practices such as tax obligations, transfers of transaction fees or more. For fiscal transformation, such as the declaration of relevant operations operations, registration and registration of general or specific strategies in Mexico.

For the first time, for the asylum seekers, since many variants have been controlled at the time of the CFDI and its complements, and for the same reason, the postage stamp apart from more than 80 datogramming data is completed.

However, to introduce the morality of the person to the regulation of simplification and confession in the cue determines the basis of impu- tions of realities cobrados against deductions really pagadas and this manera simplifies máslivods simplicity controls . de 10 million people morales of manera obligatoria.

For the last time, it is to observe that in the case of persons of physics this regiment of confession and simplification of the manera of voluntary manners and no obligation pus its recitation is very insignificant and only llega aleo légo. Se me olvidaba, esta historia continuará.

Automatic data:

CPC José Luis Elizondo Cantú, Socio-Director of Dispacho Elizondo Cantú, with more than 40 years of experience in fiscal materials.