The schools in La Laguna de Durango, El Seglo de Turin have 51 covid 19 infections.

In the last two weeks, 51 COVID-19 infections have been registered within primary education institutions in La Laguna de Durango. It is no longer necessary to close schools.

In the Laguna region, Under Secretary of Education Cuitláhuac Valdés Gutiérrez reported that this week, which is coming to an end, 12 cases were registered, seven of which involved academic staff and the rest students.

“The health sector is already aware of the infection so that it can be monitored. Prevention protocol is being applied and we continue,” he said.

According to the Under-Secretary, 75% of the registered cases have symptoms at home and the rest inside schools. The possibility cannot be ruled out that most of them have been affected off-campus.

“So far, the level of infection in educational institutions has been minimal,” Valdes said.

He also reminded that 72% of schools are in Gomez Palacio and Laredo, so it is in the two cities where the highest number of infections are concentrated.

President classes.

On the other hand, the official reported that 72 per cent of the 1,206 educational institutions were operating privately, while the rest reported serious details that required a significant financial investment. He also said that more schools would be integrated into the face-to-face model next week.

He explained that in just two cases, schools had to be closed due to registered infections at the site. “We have two cases: the town of San Marcos, headed by the Municipality of Nazis and San Juan de Guadalpe, where we reached an agreement with the municipal authorities, which is based on an increase in cases, to close educational institutions. More attention, ”he explained.


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