The SCT chief said he was “concerned” that a lot of infrastructure was being built by the military.

George Argnes Diaz Lial, Head of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT)He reiterated that he was concerned that the military was doing a lot of government work, although he acknowledged that Secretariat of National Defense (Sedina) I am doing well “Philip Angeles” at the International Airport (AIFA), Santa Lucia..

Asked during his appearance Wednesday before the Senate Communications and Transportation Commission on Friday, Argus Diaz Lial reiterated what he had already said last March, when he understood It was said that large infrastructure projects should be carried out by civil engineers.

“Well, as a civil engineer, although I am concerned that a lot of infrastructure is being built by the military, the fact is that the military engineers are doing a great job, and we need all the capabilities of the whole government. “We need to get involved. We’re working hard to get the infrastructure project out of the country.”, He pointed out

In addition, he explained that the SCT, through the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, monitors each electromechanical facility as well as the AIFA’s aeronautical operations.

More on this topic: The AMLO defended George Argnes, SCT secretary attached to the Pandora Papers, for example, saying that the General Directorate of Airports has 10 inspectors who have been in a work camp since March 2020. Live Able to complete every work, installation completed or in process, and pre-certification of completion procedures.

The AIFA, according to the report you present to us, because there are periodic meetings with our defense, is 75.6% as of October 11. And from what I have seen, I estimate that it will be completed in 660 days and it will be confirmed.

Argus Diaz Lial pointed out that the Santa Lucia Control Tower will be operational on January 1, 2022, and will be managed by SCT personnel.

In other words, it is our responsibility. However, the airport has already been handed over to a company that operates it, the military, but we are responsible, and we are and we take responsibility and we will work in the control tower with our experts there. So that it works satisfactorily. “, much more

On the decline of the country’s ability in regional security United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) The federal official said that the reorganization. Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), Because it did not serve its purpose.

He reminded that AFAC has an action plan with the help of FAA, which includes regular visits by the US Aeronautical Authority.

He explained that the first was in August, 9 to 13: the second from 13 to 17 September, and the second on 20 September, when Rolando Larris, Divisional Manager, Office of Security Standards, and Nicholas Reis, Director, attended. Western Hemisphere in the FAA Office of International Affairs.

“We have set a recovery (eligibility) goal and we are making every effort in the budget, in the personnel, in the priority focus, in the supervision, so that this category can be restored as soon as possible.”

The FAA official said that in the next audit, a team of experts was presented on a permanent basis to assist Mexico.

And, according to the secretary, the next FAA visit will be in October and then another in November, because when will the observations be resolved?

“It’s true that we’re working to make it happen as soon as possible, but it depends on the terms and times of the organization that is setting the deadlines and actions for us.”He commented.


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