The self-destructing work sells for 25 25 million – El Financiero.

A Banksy work that thrilled itself after selling for 1. 1.4 million three years ago was billed 25.4 million in another auction on Thursday. Street artist record

Love is in the box (Love is in the trash) Sootybase in London sold three times at an estimated maximum price of 8. 8.2 million.

contain. Half-cut canvas. A red heart-shaped balloon with a picture of a girl spray-painted.

Then known as Balloon girl (“A Balloon Girl”), sold in October 2018 at Sotheby’s. Just when an anonymous European buyer made a winning bid Banksy has a hidden shredder installed in the frame. It came to life, leaving half the canvas hanging from the frame in strips.

Sotby called it “the definitive work of Banksy’s art.”

Bansky, who never confirmed his full identity, began his career painting buildings in Bristol, England, and became one of the world’s most famous artists. Naughty pictures of her and Often sarcastic Two of them kiss the cops. The riotous policeman is armed with yellow smiling faces, and a chimpanzee with a sign in his hand that says, “Laugh now, but one day I’ll be in charge.”

Many of his works sold for millions at auction. In March, a Banksy wall in honor of UK health workers, which was first painted on a hospital wall, sold for ٹی 23.2 million at Christie’s auction, the artist’s record.

Balloon girl It was originally stenciled on a wall in east London and has been reproduced in a never-ending manner, making it one of Banksy’s most famous paintings.


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