The silence and the capability of Alito – The Financier

Alejandro Moreno Cardinas Silence and silence without responding to the activities of the PRI, which, in a second cart, offer a reunion on the part to find inquiries in the CEN cartridges. Además de tener uncuntro privado con diputados priistas locales, el campeu mejo su tiempo en una reunión –privada también– con magistrados y magistradas electorales locales. , just write on social media. Andl anda en lo suyo.

“Machoka” PRD and Mansera

Coming to the minibancada del PRD en San Lázaro that, with its proposition to create a special commission to follow the investigations of the collapse of Lenine 12 del Metro, Miguel Angel Mansera”, The execution of the CDMX goblin. Legislators amarillos admiten that “if there are pendulums to be heard, salute to the luz, and if there are cara, tendrá que hacerlo, ni modo”.

Se la cumplen a Pavlovich

The amenaza is complete. In these moments of turbulent times for those who pass the PRI, they die time of cobra facts and exposure The tricolor a la exgobernadora de Sonora, Kladia Pavlovich, the ‘afrenta’ de haber accepted the offer of López Obrador to be the consul in Barcelona. The resolution was passed by the PRI sonorense, misunderstanding the execution of the President in Hermosillo, from 2004 to 2006. Así, the hoy diplomacy corresponds to the misunderstanding that Quirino Ordaz, exaggerated by Sinaloa, empathetically, who speaks in Spanish del México de la 4T.

Detectors of Tren Maya, present present

The first game in the Yucatán district, Adrian Fernando Navalo Perez, We got the organization that supported the definitive suspension of Tramo 5 from the present train, looking for the Fonatur and Fonatur Tren Maya present at the UN recurso to quit the freno to the obra. The game does not revoke suspension, even though the organizations tend to present arguments to demonstrate that the studios and the ambient impact are not valid. Like the EL FINANCIERO one of the buzzes that interrupts the emperor when obtuvieron the definitive suspension, “la pelea continúa”.

Soplan vientos extraños en CU

Algo is developing the ambiance in the National University. In the same year, he received an award from an alumnus and a professor from the Faculty of Derecho. Ayer, a young man, apparently in the field of medicine. Ambos en Ciudad Universitaria. About this latest case, the Maxima Casa de Estudios has announced that it will treat you with a sense of urgency and alert about the “creative endeavor of individuals with mental health problems” in Mexico, part of the pandemic of Covid-19. Without embarking, let us assume that UNAM will appreciate because there were opportunities in what it said was a matter of convenience and femininity, as in the case of Lesvy Berlin Osorio. The investigator reveals the truth of the case.

Increase compensation by 1 MDP for DRO del Rébsamen.

The Fiscal Capital decides to increase the recompense to a million pesos by which the information is vera and details that are found in the localization and detener by Francisco Arturo Pérez Rodríguez, the director responsible for the embedded document. . Y es que, a cinco años del desplome de la escuela donde murieron 26 personas, entre ellas 19 niños, la justicia no es plena, por lo que la Fiscalía de Ernestina Godae Consider conveniently elevating the recompense.