The State Search Commission operates in Kohuela, El Seglo de Turin to identify poor families

The State Search Commission has reported that an operation is being carried out to identify the displaced people living in the southeastern part of Kohwela, with the aim of finding the whereabouts of their families.

State Commissioner Ricardo Martنیnez Loyola said the census was aimed at locating their families.

“We have just had an operation in the southeast, we are going to do it in the Laguna region,” he said.

He explained that the operations consisted of visits to shelters and even public squares and verified on the basis of the characteristics of the people on the road that the data matched the database of missing persons and thus their families. Trying to find

He explained that identification is more likely when people have scars, scars, tattoos or some disability, as well as if they wear prostheses.

In addition, age range and physical characteristics are reviewed.

Ricardo Martنیnez Loyola pointed out that, to date, two people who were reported missing have been found in Kohvalu and other states.

He explained that the search commission staff interviews homeless people, who in some cases provide information such as their name or identity, if they have a family member.

“It has already yielded results with the state of Mexico, where one of the men we were looking for here in Coahuila was located,” he said.

He recalled that it was also possible to find a man on the street in Saltillo, who was wanted by his relatives in San Luis Potos.


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