The strategy of security, the escucha of realism

At the time of my participation in the public life, he palpated the constant change of reality in the vivimos, the product of various facts and specifications of the different regions and municipalities that componen our state, as como de vivilas. Our maneuver of making politics meet those people who live in reality, the greatest impulse to follow, is the causa, the center and the finest of our administration; y beta también quiénes, a través de sus necesidades nos exigen mantener siemper abierta nuestras posibilidades de cambio cuando así sea necesario.

As a matter of fact, we accept the irresponsible attitude of the people towards their realization of our actions, and thanks to this disposition, we accept our decisions in a very special way. en paz. This is because the act of listening to the circulation is the right thing to do to get more accusations that we are going to alter our objectives and hasten to get rid of the secrets of the material that we all have.

The realism in the material security of the continent is very much a matter of retrospect, and we have always been a part of it, because we are born with a lot of volunteerism and coordination, strategies contingent on the mano de gobiernosalnos Municipal de los gobiernosalnob. Without embarking, we also consider that it is impeccable to recognize the line of accusation that the reality is the same; For example, in the construction of the Torre Centinela in the center of Ciudad Juárez, we will find the game where it will be built because of the realization of the juices of the zone as it is demanded. As the state recognizes and assumes all the changes that are necessary in the security strategies, to guarantee that everyone can live in peace.

And as we are still thinking about Cuudad Juárez, like a Cuauhtémoc, there is a new conjugation of strategy, because the retrograde is great, and we have an excellent strategy. These terrestrial suicidal idees are present: we have a special operation in the city with references to the elements of the state of the state and a patriarchal offer of respect for respect, respect for respect. We also changed our strategies, we volunteered to make the country against the generators of violencia.

Construct a Chihuahua de Paz is possible, but we need to keep all the chihuahuences away: families, masters, youngsters, mujeres, empresarios, emparendedores, asymiendo la corresponsibilad al cors.

Nosotros nos mantendremos abiertos a nuevos caminos y posibilidades de cambio, para mejorar las estrategias siemper que sam nen necesario. We look at the construction of this Chihuahua that we want and enjoy, with the resulting results and precautions. We will always keep an eye on the reality and the dialogue since with the people, as the coordinates are responsive with the different niveles of gobierno, we will always change our minds to change the life of the ensehuahu. Because the present presents nothing to the enemy, because there is only life and volunteerism, we always seek the hope to create a better reality, which is possible.